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• Dec 9, 2014 - 23:03

My need is to change the whole notes of an instrument in a system.
I've read how to change note color, but I can't find the color menu in the v2, I only figure out how to change line color of the score.
Can anyone help ?


All note properties and most other properties of elements in general is in the Inspector - see View / Inspector. Unlike the old modal dialogs, you can simply leave Inspector up all the time, which is a great convenience.

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@ Jojo-Schmitz: Thank You for your answer!
Yes, this is what I did with the red notes, but it's very time consuming (stems, beams, flags etc.), I hoped there was a way to color the entire/complete/total note or even the entire staff.

PS: I supposed that "whole note" could cause a misunderstanding :-) sorry for my English...

I need to change the colour of nearly every element in certain bars. The reason? To highlight certain themes in the music. So for example, "in the 3rd bar of the soprano line", make the notes and stems and rests red (but not the bar lines or staff lines). Then "in the 5th and 6th bar of the tenor line" make the corresponding elements blue etc etc and so it goes on.
Doing this with the inspector takes ages because you can't 'select' the noteheads, stems and rests all in one go. The Ctrl A idea is no good because it selects all the part so that's no good! Any suggestions please.
I'm not sending an example - I have tried to describe the situation in words fairly simply - hope it's clear!

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Stupid me! - yet I think this is a better answer to the others in this thread - go into select the whole bar and open the inspector and click the (black) colour box at the top of the element group window, select a different colour and then click Set colour. I wish though that this was explained in the help section!

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