Note color

• Dec 9, 2014 - 23:03

My need is to change the whole notes of an instrument in a system.
I've read how to change note color, but I can't find the color menu in the v2, I only figure out how to change line color of the score.
Can anyone help ?


All note properties and most other properties of elements in general is in the Inspector - see View / Inspector. Unlike the old modal dialogs, you can simply leave Inspector up all the time, which is a great convenience.

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@ Jojo-Schmitz: Thank You for your answer!
Yes, this is what I did with the red notes, but it's very time consuming (stems, beams, flags etc.), I hoped there was a way to color the entire/complete/total note or even the entire staff.

PS: I supposed that "whole note" could cause a misunderstanding :-) sorry for my English...

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