Corrupted notes when transposing imported .ove(Overture 4) file

• Dec 14, 2014 - 18:41
S2 - Critical

1. Open a .ove file with Musescore.
2. Click "Notes" menu -> Transpose.
3. Transpose with any key and the whole score is corrupted now.
But it still sounds right when clicking play button.

Edit: If you save this file as .mscz before transposing, then reopen it, it won't be corrupted.

Sample file: Where is your Heart.ove

GIT commit: 1efc609

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Where is your Heart.ove 28.03 KB


I'm not really sure about my fix either but it's better than a crash. The overture support is a bit orphan currently. It would be great if someone would jump on the bandwagon to test it and improve it. We have for example a lot of tests that would benefit being moved to our new test infrastructure. If you are reading this and are interested to join, ping me on IRC (#musescore on or on the forum.