Unwanted Horizontal lines on Parts

• Dec 18, 2014 - 07:20

Hello, with nightly 0a6faf9, when I create a new part, some strange horizontal lines I can't delete appears on the "Part" score. This happens on most of my scores, but not all. I join a faulty one.
I wonder if it's not the underscoring on lyrics, such as "soll ich mit dir__ gehn" here, that "reverts" itself.
Any idea ?

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Do you mean the multi-meaure rests?, those rather fat horisontal lines with a number above?
If you don't like those (but they are pretty standard, esp. in parts), you can switch them off, Style->General->'untick' Create Multi-measure Rests

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Do not update your version (for now, there are problems pdf export) but do a test:
Go to the measure 54, delete "dir" and enter as "dir - (dash)";
Then try to export as PDF again, I suspect that it is the underscore (melisma) of lyrics to give problems.

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Thanks all for your help.
@Jojo-schmitz : I'm currently using MuseScoreNightly-2014-12-11-1906-0a6faf9. Tried to update to MuseScoreNightly-2014-12-17-1607-da01143, but Qt5QuickWidgets.dll is missing. And yes, I wish a melisma, not hyphen.
@Schoichi : My problem appears not specifically on pdf export, even on MuseScore itself...
The funny is : I create my bass part, the problem appears on it. I delete the lyric "dir__" on main score, and write it again... Problem desappears. Bass part is "clean". I delete my part, and create it again : Problem reappears.
Hmmm. Seems to be a problem with melisma and part creation, no ?
I've a lot of scores with same problem, always with melisma involved. And, to be more accurate, not *all* melismas. Some are ok.

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OK, I find I can reproduce the problem if I delete the bass part then recreate it. I will investigate further.

EDIT: I can also recreate this in a simple score created from scratch. But, coincidentally enough, only if there are also multimeasure rests in the part.

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Got it figured out. The melisma line in the part "thinks" it is attached to the lyric in the main score, causing some of the layout calculations to be off. It has nothing to do with multi-measure rests per se, but they are one of the things that can cause the layout to differ between score and part in a simple test case. See #41721: Lyric meslima line incorrectly laid out in parts. It's an easy fix, but not sure which of the fixes I found is best.

BTW, this also fixes itself upon save/reload, btw, which is presumably why we couldn't see the problem at first.

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