Change or reset size of all lyrics

• Dec 20, 2014 - 10:52

I'm new to 2.0 so not sure if this is a bug or my misunderstanding.

I have a score imported from an XML file. The existing lyrics are 11pt. Any new lyrics I type are 12 pt. I cannot work out how to change all lyrics to be the same size. I have tried the following:

Select one lyric (of either size)
Right click -> Select -> All Similar Elements
Right click -> Text Style... -> Size: 12 -> Apply -> OK

Result: nothing changes
This method does work to change the font face or other properties of all text, just not the size.

Select one lyric (of either size)
Right click -> Select -> All Similar Elements
Right click -> Text Properties... -> Size: 12 -> OK

Result: the single lyric that was right clicked the second time changes, all others stay the same

Select one lyric (of either size)
Right click -> Select -> All Similar Elements
Right click -> Text Properties... -> Reset to style -> OK

Result: the single lyric that was right clicked the second time changes, all others stay the same

I then created a 'Default.mss' style sheet (by creating a blank score and saving the style) and tried
Style -> Load Style... -> Default.mss

Result: a few other things did change but not the lyrics' font size

MuseScore 2.0.0
Revision: 1efc609
Operating system: Windows 7


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This is starting to look very like #39676: changing styles on import from 1.3

Since posting I have closed and reopened the file - this seems to have unstuck the few words which were either added by hand or had their style reset (individually) while I was experimenting. The rest remain jammed on 11 point.

The original file is attached. This was originally a 1.3 file that has been opened and edited in 2.0
This is a mscz file - I no longer have the original xml file it came from, which was imported using version 1.3

To add to the mystery, I also attach a new file I just made. This was made in 2.0 with a clean score and by copy/pasting everything. The problems with the lyrics seem to have transferred over - namely the first four words (which have been added by hand in the 2.0 score) behave as expected and can have their text size adjusted, all other lyrics (which came in from the original xml file) seem stuck on 11 point unless you change them one word at a time.

Oh and as an added irritation, which just may be related - I have tried everything to delete the melismas, most of which shouldn't be there, and simply cannot get rid of most of them. But one or two were happy to delete.

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Yes, forutnately for some cases but unfortunately for others, copy & paste preserves formatting. So the same custom formatting imported from the old score is being copied to the new, and preventing style changes from having effect. I am hoping that before release we'll have a solution for this.

Which melismas are you wanting to delete? They are not currently selectable individually; deleting a melimsa is done by deleting the lyric it is attached to. This too might possibly change before release.

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I don't mind formatting being preserved when copying and pasting, I would just like to be able to change it afterwards :D

In an ideal world just as there is a 'reset' command for all positioning, there would be one for all styling.

In 1.3 I would delete melisimas by double clicking the lyric and then pressing either space bar or hyphen to change it to what I actually wanted - this always worked fine, and it is a lot quicker when working through a lot of lyric text than having to individually select and retype each word. In 2.0 this works on some melismas (possibly ones added in 2.0?) but not on others. The behaviour of melismas in MuseScore has always been eccentric, but they are now downright irritating.

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Not sure what you mean. In 1.3, pressing space does the same thing as it does in 2.0 as far as I can see. And if you think about it, it would be bad if merely pressing Space deleted underscores - it would mean you could not simply hit Space to move through lyrics without fear of deleting melismas. Buee it would be nice if there were an easier way of deleting them. It just shouldn't be *that* easy or you'd be accidentally deleting melismas all over the place.

Anyhow, since you seem to be seeing something different from me, can you post a specific 1.3 score and specific steps to reproduce what you are seeing?

I've had same problem but found after changing a full line of text one word at a time, some how
the program got the idea and completed the remaining 9 lines correctly... must be a glitch in the program .....used to work OK in 1.3

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Could you be more specific? It is true that scores imported into 2.0 form 1.3 have their text formatting "baked in" and need to be changed manually if you want to change it. But scores created in 2.0 should work very smoothly - unlike 1.3, changing the text style will automatically update all elements with that text style. It's a pretty huge improvement.

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I think if instead of right-click, text properties and change there, syllable by syllable, you do right-click Text style and change something there, possibly twice to get back to original setting, that all of a sudden it applies to all syllables in in go.
I'd need to verify, once back at my computer, but this is what I believe to have seen.

Edit: No, I can't reproduce, but ISTR to have seen that behavior.

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