These are general questions reflecting my ignorance about Musescore works.

• Dec 20, 2014 - 15:18

I currently have six arrangements posted on my Musescore website and am currently working on my seventh. Here are my questions:

1. How does the Musescore universe know when I've posted a new arrangement?
2. I guess the terns "View" and "Play" are self-explanatory, but what, exactly, does "Download" mean?
Does it mean that someone has downloaded that particular arrangement on their computer?
3. My most recent effort shows 21 "Plays" and 27 "Downloads" in about a week on the website. None of the other five have shown this disparity. Does the difference have any significance, and if so, what is it?
4. I'd like to assume that at least some of the "Downloads" of all six arrangements are for the purpose of printing the parts and playing the score. I guess there's no way of identifying the persons doing the "downloading?"

I'm grateful to anyone taking the time to answer my questions.

Jim Duke


1] It's got a database and it can count.

2] Download means fetch the file from the server, save it on the target PC. x number of downloads of that piece have occurred.

3] Some people download a file rather than play it. There can be several reasons for this including working in an office or being in a quiet place and not wanting it to sound out at just this moment in time. Also, if I like the look of a score I might download it rather than play it back since I don't need to actually hear it to know if I like it (many people can "play" even quite complex scores in their heads).

4] Interesting idea. The Terms and Conditions of the website would need to be changed to make it clear that by downloading a piece you agree to your identity being revealed. At the moment, though, you don't even need to Log In to download anything so the point is moot.

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