Grace notes and fermata's

• Dec 27, 2014 - 17:40

I am able to make single grace notes but am unable to make octave grace
notes. How is this done? Also, I can make ties, but am
unable to make ties with grace notes. How is that done? One more issue: I am
able to place a fermata over a single note, but am unable to place a fermata
over a chord. The fermata appears in the middle of the chord and not on top
of it. Thank you.


First, what version of MuseScore are you asking about? From your last question, I'm assuming 1.3.

What do you mean by "octave grace notes"? If you mean, a grace note that has two notes played at once an octave apart, you do that the same way you'd enter a normal octave. First enter the grace note, then press Shift+8, Alt+8, or Shift+letter.

What do you want to tie the grace note to? Grace notes would not normally be tied at all. Perhaps you mean a slur, not a tie? Those are entered using the Lines palette or by pressing the letter "S", again, the same way for grace notes as for normal notes.

If the defualt position of the fermata is not working for you, double click it and use the arrow keys (or drag) to move it where you want it. The default positionof fermatas will be improved in 2.0 over what it is in 1.3.

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