Wrong transposition in score imported from Overture

• Dec 28, 2014 - 19:35
S4 - Minor

1. Open the sheet Daylight of the evening.mscz.
2. Click "Notes" -> "Transpose".
3. Transpose to "C Major / A Minor".

Tons of "#" which are obviously wrong, But it still sounds right.

GIT commit: bf97799

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Was this score originally created in an earlier nightly build? I'm guessing it was - one from after the Beta 1 but before #41511: Some pitches spelled incorrectly on transpose / concert pitch was fixed. Even before transposing your score, you can see it has errors in it caused by the aofrementioned bug - just hit the Concert Pitch button and watch your Ab's turn into G#'s.

Assuming this is the case, then we can close this as already being fixed.

Unfortunately, of course, your score cannot benefit retroactively from that fix. You can, however, fix it up pretty well by hitting Ctrl+A to select all then running Notes / Respell pitches. This fixes most of the incorrect pitches that were created by that older version. Only thing it doesn't get is the Cb's, which will still be spelled incorrectly upon transposition. You can fix those manually in the original by turning on concert pitch, clicking them one by one (I only see two of them) and pressing "J" to respell. Then resave, and all should be well.

Title Wrong transposition Wrong transposition in score imported from Overture
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Oh, the file you attached originally was the result of import from Overture? That's good information, and doesn't surprise me that much, then - Overture improt is very much untested. I've updated the title of this issue to reflect this.

Do let us know if you ever encounter this in a score created from scratch, and if so, hopefully you will be able to provide steps to reproduce.