entering lyrics the letter "v" is a special case!

• Dec 29, 2014 - 02:22
S4 - Minor

This is a strange one. Doing a vocal chart last night in Musescore 2 beta 2 I discovered that lower case letter "v" could only be entered by engaging caps lock and pressing shift. Upper case works normally and all other keys seem fine.




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I can't reproduce either (Windows 7). Did you change keyboard shortcuts? maybe changed them with Beta 1 already? How do you enter lyrics entry mode?

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Sorry, I still cannot reproduce. Are you *sure* you have not ever customized your keyboard shortcuts at any time? Perhaps using an older build? If you go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts, scroll down to "Next syllable", select it, press "Define", and type "v", does it let you, or does it complain the shortcut is already in use?

What happens if you run "MuseScore.exe -F" to reset to factory settings?

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**BLUSH** ooh, good catch fellas. I had "V" set to rewind in the shortcuts and didn't know it. Removed and now working as expected. Apologies for the noise.