Musescore 2 won't open

• Dec 30, 2014 - 03:12

I was using muse score 2 beta 2 just fine for a day or two (windows 7 pc) when it just stopped opening. No matter where I try to open it from, I just get a little loading icon and then nothing. I've tried repairing, and have re installed countless times. I even tried a nightly build which did the same thing. Please Help! thank you


Possibly something went wrong with the Musescore2.ini file. On a Windows 7 pc I believe the active .ini file is located at


If you have that file in that folder, try renaming it and restarting Musescore. Musescore should recreate the .ini file from scratch. Many would suggest deleting Musescore2.ini, but that's a change that is harder to undo.

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that won't help in any form or shape. It there is no MuseScore2.ini file, it can't be the reason for MuseScore not starting at all.
You did do the factory reset, "MuseScore -F", did you?

And you are sure it really isn't running? Checked in Task Manager?
The program window might haven been moved to the bottom of your screen so you just can't see it anymore, maybe (I've seen that happening!)

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Seems to me that if the Musescore application is running but isn't visible on the screen (or barely visible), there would now be a Musescore2.ini file or perhaps a MuseScoreDevelopment.ini file.

Perhaps you should search your hard drive to see if for some reason the INI file is located in a different folder from the one I gave earlier. I would do that by opening a CMD.EXE window and running:

dir c:\musescore2.ini /s

And be prepared to wait several minutes for an answer.

You can do something similar from Windows Explorer but that doesn't always work the way I would expect, so I don't rely on it.

Jojo's suggestion to check Task Manager is a good one. Ctrl-Shift-Esc and check both the applications tab and processes tab.

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If your problem is that MuseScore is trying to open a corrupt score I think starting it by specifying a known good file from the command line might solve that.

For example, on my system, in a CMD window and using the CD command to position myself in the directory where my scores are located, I can execute MuseScore via

"c:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\bin\musescore.exe" myworkingscore.mscz

and MuseScore opens with just that file and no other. Note the double quotes.

If you want to avoid using the CMD window, you can do this by holding down the Windows key and pressing R (for Run). Then key in the full path and filename as given above, (you will need the full path to the score's filename as well).

Re: Troubleshooting Musescore

Regarding revert to factory settings:

There is a page in the 2.0 Handbook (under development) that has a bit more information. Here is a link to that.

and it mentions the .ini file at

(A) C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\MuseScore\MuseScore2.ini

Aside from the .ini file, there is also a reference to "other preferences" in

(B) C:\Users\\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore2\

What I would do at your point is
(1) reboot,
(2) uninstall (again) MuseScore2,
(3) remove both folders on lines (A) and (B) above to get rid of .ini and other preferences,
(4) reinstall MuseScore2.

If MuseScore2 doesn't start after that, I'd consider trying to run it after starting Windows in safe mode. See

I see in another thread someone is having problems with MuseScore crashing after opening the View>Synthesizer. Some known incompatibilities are given. Then a link to a version of MuseScore that will capture debug information was posted. That may also be an avenue for you.

Hi All,
New user here. I am having EXACTLY the same problem as Jewkulele ......
Musescore 2.0 worked for a day or two. I got totally hooked on it, then it stopped running.
Crashes on startup. However mine doesn't work with the -s option on the command line.
(or the -F option). Nothing works. I am using windows 7 on Toshiba A665 Satellite and "yes"
it does use RealTek High Def Audio.
I have re-installed, re-booted, countless times to no avail....
I have removed all traces of .ini files, all folders, directories, etc. (including all files related to
Musescore 1.3) to no avail......
I have disabled all firewalls and security software (I use WebRoot) to no avail......
It was a great program, I tried using ver 1.3 but after using 2.0 I can't go back.....
I don't have anything else to try but if someone is interested I could try running the debug....
WebRoot does have a "sandbox" I tried running in. It just shows about a hundred dll's getting
loaded, then it just stops running and WebRoot reports something like "Musescore appears
to have terminated prematurely" :) .... duh !
Thanks for any suggestions.

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If you feel adventurous enough, you can try this debug build:…
it is a debug build of commit b1ad1d3
To use it, you have to unzip the zip archive (roughly 593 MB when uncompressed) and then double-click on the script "reset_and_debug.bat" inside the folder.
The script makes a factory reset of MuseScore (2.0) and launches it with the "-d" (debug log) flag. It records the debug output in the file "log_file.txt", that you can attach to a comment in this thread.
Hopefully it will help in understand the problem.


Well I downloaded and ran the debug version as instructed. Log file attached. However, this time
it ran. AND the non-debug version which didn't load/run now ALSO runs! BUT I've seen this before. That is to say, when I first installed it, it ran, then didn't. Also the first time I reinstalled it, again, it ran for awhile (few hours). Then it didn't. I couldn't see any pattern. It just seemed that the only factor was "time". In other words, it ran fine. I exited. Shut down the computer. Half a day later, booted the laptop, then it wouldn't run. This only happened 2 times. After the third time I could NEVER
get it to run again (until now). I probably tried about 6 more times, then, I gave up, and posted here.

So now, we'll see if this runs later today/tonight. If it stops running again, I'll run the debug version again and see what happens. I'll see if that "makes it recover" or if it was just a fluke.

Debug log file attached (but probably won't tell you anything since, again , it DID run)........

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Hey! sorry totally forgot about this thread. I have since switched computers, and i'm no longer having this issue. Hopefully it's still a useful bug to be aware of. Thanks so much! the community of muse score is awesome!

UPDATE for Friday 1/16/15
Since yesterday, as I suspected would happen, Musescore 2.0 no longer runs. Crashes on startup as before. The debug version still runs, as it did yesterday. I have never seen such "time dependent"
software before. Seems to run for a few hours, then "nothing" gets it going again...........
Just so you know. I have a very standard "Best Buy" laptop windows 7 machine. About 4 years old. I
run all manner of music apps without hitch. There really is nothing unusual about my machine. I
run BIAB 2004, Impro-Visor 6.0, Earmaster Pro 6, etc. etc........

Any/ALL suggestions welcome at this point.
Thanks for the help

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You say that "MuseScore 2.0" no longer runs, but there is no "MuseScore 2.0" yet - just a series of experimental beta and nightly prerelease builds. It may be hard to answer if you can't start it, but do you happen to know which specific build this is? Maybe's it's as simple as getting a more recent build?

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Okay. I just downloaded and ran the latest nightly build. It behaves exactly as the "semi-official"
version 2 beta 2. It crashes on startup. Whatever it is, it behaves the same now as the release
in Dec.

HOWEVER, I just made some progress. The debug version runs from the .bat file. If instead of
running the bat file, I change to the .exe directory and just execute musescore.exe from the
Now, were're getting somewhere. Here is what I discovered (reminder: this is the debug version).
1) run musescore.exe from command prompt -> crashes
2) run "musescore.exe -F" from command prompt -> crashes
3) run "musescore.exe -F -d" from the command prompt -> it runs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now, I have attached the the .bat file and the log file, please read the log file, I think there
are clues there. (changed the name of the .bat file to .txt because wouldn't upload otherwise)
Thanks Again !!!

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log_file.txt 7.79 KB
reset_and_debug - Copy.txt 82 bytes

I am talking about the "only" 2.0 version that is "semi-official", not nightly builds. It is available
at On this page it states ....
"MuseScore 2.0 Beta 2". It is dated December 22, 2014 - 10:10pm. I have not downloaded any
nightly builds (yet). I presume that the Dec 22 Beta 2 version is/was the only build yet considered
"stable" (enough) for "adventurous" people to try without resorting to nightly builds. Maybe I
am wrong? When/who decides to put the latest build in there, presumably calling it "Beta 3" ?????

The debug version that I ran is linked in the above posting by ABL. I don't know what build that
is. As I said above, running the debug version worked and not only that it, the other (beta 2)
version worked as well, at least for a few hours. Now beta 2 doesn't load, debug version does.

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The notion that the nightly build are "unstable" is something we should probably stop perpetuating. They were once very unstabvle, sure, before we got close to the first Beta. But pretty much ever since then, the Nightly builds have been just improved versions of the Beta. Better in all ways, worse in none. Not that regressions never slip in there, but in general, a nightly build that is three weeks newer than the Beta 2 is three weeks *better* than the Beta 2. So definitely, don't think you are "resorting to" a nightly build at this point. They should be preferred if you value lack of bugs.

We decide to make a new "Beta" not when things get "stable" again, but when we think we've gotten *enough* better to go to the trouble of another Beta release. We are not planning on there being another Beta, Starting virtually immediately after the Beta 2, each nightly build has been better and better and we are getting closer and closer to release. At some point, we'll decide we think it's ready, and we'll probably have a "release candidate" or some such to say "there is a chance this is the final release, unless you guys find some problems we haven't already decided we can live with". BTW, in case you weren't aware, when any given program is released, there is always a list of known issues already that the developers have just decided they can live with. Otherwise no one would ever release anything. It's the same with composing a symphony, recording a CD, writing a book, shooting a movie, etc. of course.

You can find out about the version of a program by going to Help / About. So that would tell you which build the version you have is.

The fact that the crash goes away if you run with "-d" is interesting and probably significant ifwe could figure out exactly what it means, but probably not that helpful right now I am afraid. It's not like most of us were running with "-d". And I suspect you'll find it rather unpleasant to use with "-d", with all those extra lines across the screen, etc.

One final comment:
The beta 2 version also works (runs) with the -d option.
This is the one at
NOT the nightly build nor the debug version.
So running the beta 2 version (even though not a debug version)
WITH the -d option, causes it to not crash on startup.
Surely it can't be hard to figure out why this is happening?
But for now, at least, I can use it! Yea!

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I think I found the source of the error. In the log file it says:
"Debug: Mscore: fatal error: cannot load internal font"
This has already been seen to give an error only when MuseScore is running without "-d" (since "-d" skips a programmatic crash when internal fonts are not found), see [#27326]
To verify, launch MuseScore with "-d", load (or create) a score and change the font (Style -> General... -> Score -> Music symbols font) from Emmentaler to either Bravura or Gonville. You should see blank rectangles instead of musical symbols if this is the error.
It seems to happen for you only for "otf" fonts. Is your Windows updated? Can you try to run Windows updates? (I think I remember an update for Windows with fonts which solved a Windows bug about otf fonts)
It is strange however that it first launched without complaining and then it found corrupted fonts. Have you by any chance installed MuseScore fonts on your system (a thing that you should not do)?

Thank you for your help.


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And in that case MuseScore doesn#t crash but exits cleanly (with an exit status of -1)

See libmscore/mscore.cpp, line 201ff

The -t option should prevent that exit and suppress that debug message too.

Althogh there is also libmscore/sym.cpp, line 5331ff , which only prevents the exit with the md option

In any case this should only happen if the MuseSCore binary became corrupt somehow and lost (one of) the internal fonts, or QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont() failed for some other reason.


Thanks for the help. My windows 7 is up to date. I update about once a week or so, that's
probably not the problem. My update might be a week old, I'll try anyway.......
I have not done anything with fonts, so that's probably not the problem either.
Don't forget, that in a non-repeatable way (at least I haven't seen the pattern yet...) Musescore 2.0
has "for awhile" run. (WITHOUT the -d option). Once when I first installed it, and then once
when I re-installed it. Then once after I ran the debug .bat file on the debug version: (to reiterate
"ordinary" Musescore 2.0 ran with -d AFTER I ran debug version, E.G. debug "fixed" it, temporarily.
In every case, it runs even after opening and closing many times. It doesn't stop running UNTIL
I turn the computer off, wait a few hours / day. Then start the computer. Oddly, when it runs,
I cannot get it NOT to run (even turning the machine off/on again). The only thing that makes it
NOT run seems to be..... time. (I know that sounds impossible).
I will try a few more things that you suggest, but won't get to it until Tuesday 1/20/15. I will
report back what I find.
Thanks again.

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Also don't forget that when it stopped running the first time (before I even loaded the debug
version). I removed all traces of the program, the ini file, etc. Then reinstalled the whole thing
from scratch and it still didn't run (well, except for the one time).

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It is this "intermittent" behavior that is strange.
Can you open otf fonts? For example, go here… click "View Raw", save the font and double-click on it just to view the font (don't install it)
Does it display?
This is one of the fonts which are apparently not being loaded in your MuseScore.

Searching with Google a few threads about problems with otf fonts under Win7 can be found. For example (in the following links they were trying to install the font, but the "not valid font" could be the same as in this case):……
Can you check if the driver of your graphic card are updated?
Can you try the registry edit pointed out in the second link? (Remember to be very careful when editing Windows registry)
Here are step-by-step instructions, if needed:…

Sorry took so long to followup:
"Yes" the "intermittent" behavior is very strange, no dispute there :)
1) the otf font displays just fine (today), the one at…
2) Musescore 2.0 is running today, even without the -d option. Very strange (I had been running
it with -d for about a week, and didn't try without the -d until today).
3) I ran the debug version again. I have attached the log files from today AND also (again) the
log file from a week ago when it was not running. I did a DIFF on these two files and sure
enough the font seemed to be the issue a week ago. SO WHY IS IT NOT AN ISSUE TODAY????
4) Very strange
5) My display driver is (and was) up to date. So that's not it.
6) Would rather hold off on the REGEDIT for now, especially since the load crash has (temporarily)
gone away?
7) If it stops working again I will re-try displaying the otf font pointed to above.
Thanks, all further ideas welcome.

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Followup to followup:
Okay, today 1/24/15, one day later than last post and Musescore 2.0 is crashing again on
startup without the -d option. Same message as before. So what is different between today
and yesterday?....... not much......

I can only think of 3 things.

1) It is about 20 hours later.
2) I am off-line (e.g. that means NO Internet connect) on startup. I hope Musescore doesn't
REQUIRE an internet connection to run !!
3) I am connected to a MIDI keyboard.

I can still run with the -d option. It works but not ideal. (some strange "artifact", extra horizontal
lines above/below the stave (about 3 above, 5 below in different color, blue I think). It's
very annoying but still works.

On the plus side I did, finally, get Jack to work and now Musescore 2.0 will output the MIDI
sound to my Keyboard..... much better sound than laptop :)

Thanks for any additional comments......

I also haver exactly the same problem. Musescore 2 worked well for a few weeks then it stopped working. The small icon appears at the bottom of the screen and Musescore tries to open then nothing. I have deleted Mususecore and re-installed it and I have checked all of the relevant program permissions but with no success.
I hope somebody has the answer

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@corky Can you open a new forum topic, repost your problem and also add which MuseScore version you are using, on which operating system and also your hardware (brand + model). Also mention if you use some antivirus software, please do mention. Thanks!

just installed musescore 2.02 and does not open. No error messages or even activity on hard drive.
I have windows 7 pro, 12 gb Ram and several tb hard drive. Is there an update in windows that may cause this inability to open. I tried it another windows 7 PC and the same problem. Installs ok but does not open. Looked at the ini file and renamed it, but unable to open musescore to create a new ini file.

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Did you try the instructions for "Revert to factory settings" in the Handbook?

How are you trying to start MuseScore - from a desktop icon, the Start Menu, by double clicking a score in Explorer? Try starting from a terminal window by navigating to the folder containing the executable then typing its name, and see if any relevant output appears.

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What do you mean, "went back to the desktop"? Do you mean the terminal window itself crashed? To be clear, I am talking about what Windows calls a "command prompt" - a window with a black bakcground where you type commands. It shouldn't go away until you close it, and when you start a program from it, you will see output in that window. Even if the program crashes, the command prompt window should stay open.

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So in the command window, you typed "MuseScore.exe -F" and after a few seconds you just got a prompt back (eg, "C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore2\bin> ", or whatever)? No error message?

How about if you try other command line options like -w or s or other documents under "Command line options" in the Handbook to disable parts of MuseScore?

BTW, have you tried rebooting?

I have tried every thing that has been suggested but with the same result. A small icon appears at the bottom of the screen but it will never start Musescore when the icon is pressed. This week I have installed Windows 10 which gives the same result.

If I use the command prompt as was suggested I get the response -not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

I am using the Nightly.exe in order to continue to use Musescore
Thanks for your interest.

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I have done exactly as you say but when I click on the "C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\bin\MuseScore.exe" and then try to Open it. it just disappears. It does create a small icon at the bottom of the screen but this will not open either.
I have two identical Laptops in the house. Originally Musescore ran perfectly on them both. After experiencing problems I downloaded Musescore onto my second Laptop and it works perfectly without any problem.

I would like to find the cause of the problem because it seems that I am not alone/

Thanks for your help

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If it does create that icon in the task bar, and that icon stays, chances are that MuseScore is in fact running, but its window moved off the screen (or onto an2nd screen that just currently isn't connected). This too should be fixed by a factory reset, but also by shift+click onto that icon, selecting move, press of an arrow key and move mouse until the window is in the middle of your screen.

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Problem solved, you are correct.
I knew the instant I read your last suggestion that you were right because I was sure Musescore was running somewhere. I believe I created the problem because on reflection, my problem began after I had added a second screen to my Laptop. However, it was not running on the second screen but it was running off the visible area of both screens.

Thank you very much for your determination and persistent help. I am very impressed and extremely grateful.

Got musescore to work. not sure what did it. One Pm went to try to open and opened fine. Not sure what the issue is but wanted to close this thread. Thank you one and all for excellent advise I was given and tried all of them. I wonder if there was an issue with windows 7 and that got cleared up. Little nervous about upgrading to 10. According to many forums, the general recommendation is to wait. Maybe download to dvd or flash drive the OS. Good luck to one and all.

I posted sometime ago that Musescore was not starting and it seemed that other users were having the same problem.

Actually, and for whatever reason, the first time Musescore is activated, it can take up to 5 minutes before you can use it - but it WILL eventually start.

My advice is to click on the icon, have breakfast, and then return to your computer.

Once it has started no problem, if you then stop the program to do another task, it will re-start almost instantly when you re-click the icon, provided you have not shut down the computer.

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