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• Dec 30, 2014 - 07:04

Hello everybody.

I was working on a little piece and closed MS 2.0 B2 to do an OS update. To my surprise when I go back to MS 2.0 B2 and try to open the file it says "Cannot read file C:/.../filename.mscx: bad format"

I went to Dropbox and I have 36 revisions of the file, from the 1st to the 36th all give the same error. I noticed is that while the file that I have is .mscz, the files in dropbox are .mscx, so I changed the extension and the file opens but without any information, then tried to change the extension in the dropbox files but then it just simply can't read them.

Something strange is that I had MS 2.0 B2 open and closed the file for a moment (without closing MS 2.0 B2) and then reopened it without a problem.

While that is what I get for using Beta software, the content within the file is quite important for me right now, but I don't know if it can be recovered :/

Hope you guys can help.

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It definitely is an .mscz file, you can rename to .zip and open with WinZip to check. However, the .mscx inside seems broken somehow. Looking at it with a plain text editor doesn't give me any hint where it might be broken though.

An mscz file is just a ZIP file containing the plain text mscx file and maybe some other less important things. Your file opens just file in the ZIP program I just tried. So I was able to extract the mscx file and look at it with a text editor. Looks like it has a lot fo good info. When I run MuseScore under the debugger, it puts an error to console "read error at line 694 col 38". Turns out to be a plain "&" in an instrument name; whereas it needs to be "&". Here is a fixed file.

See #33451: Ampersand character and any subsequent characters are not displayed in Staff Name for more.

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Thanks!, I have to finish an audio ver. of it (and two other pieces) before Jan. and didn't keep another ver. so I would have had to start from 0 (well from the .mscz,).

Still stuff looks a bit messed up but well, it works nonetheless :) although I do not understand why the Dropbox versions didn't work at all, even the first file (the "&" was added in the last edits).

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