Programmable (digital) mixer

• Dec 30, 2014 - 21:54

Since I'm the sort of person who likes to have very precise control over lots of things, I find the mouse-controlled analog pseudo-dials on the current mixer less than ideal. I'd prefer a version with text boxes to enter the exact levels of pan, expression, reverb, and chorus (ideally on the same 0-127 scale that MIDI uses, but I could adjust to other scales).

If the mixer controls were exposed through the plugin API, then I might even try figuring out how to make one in JavaScript. Exposing the mixer controls in the API would make some other things possible as well. For example, I'd like to be able to save the mixer settings separately from a score so I could reuse the same settings in different scores. In the case where there are multiple instruments associated with the same track/part (like trumpet and muted trumpet), someone could write plugin to link the settings for people who wanted such a feature.


Hello krc,

some of the mixer settings can be set in a plugin e.g. via:[0].volume = 100[0].mute = true

where the part index seems to be connected to the stave.

I feel a similar frustration about the mixer.

In my case though it is the lack of feedback for the values which is the problem.

I hope you are aware that much finer control over the dials is available from the mouse wheel?

Just move the pointer over the dial you wish to change and then operate the mouse wheel to move in exact steps.

My beef here is that you've no idea what those steps are as there is no value box. Consequently there is no way of replicating them in an external sequencer if you are using JACK to route MIDI output.

If there is some support for the addition of value boxes I will submit an official feature request.

I'd like to see the ability to view and set mixer controls by numeric value.

As long as the mixer dialog is being addressed, could there be a way to make mixer settings persistent? At least, I think they are by session only. Ideally you could save them to the score, but a save and load feature might be sufficient. I realize this could be a challenge for a variety of reasons.

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