svn 2673: after changing zoom mouse focus doesn't follow to toolbar

• Feb 1, 2010 - 18:41
Graphical (UI)

After changing the zoom percentage from the default 100% to, for instance, 150% and then clicking on "N" for change to note entry, the blinking cursor stays on "150%". Attempting to enter a note by typing "5 A" has no effect although the blue vertical bar is in the right place to enter a note.

Clicking on the music sheet is needed before "5 A" works.

To reproduce
1. Click on the zoom dropdown and select "150%"
2. Click on "N" for note entry (clicking on other icons in the toolbar doesn't shift the mouse focus)
3. Type "5 a" -- no note appears

If, after 1. you perform
1a. Click on title area
the operation succeeds.



I think this is normal behaviour. If you click the mag button, keyboard focus changes to the mag entry (you can type in a number). If the mag entry has focus, all normal shortcuts do not work (as this would create conflicts).
You have to click on the score to get focus back.
The mag button can be configured to not accept keyboard focus. Then the "N" shortcut works after changing zoom but you cannot enter numbers anymore.

If this is by design that's fine.

It just seemed unusual that clicking on the N button on the toolbar didn't cause the mouse focus to change from the mag entry.

Status (old) by design fixed

Ah, i did not read your post careful enough. Clicking to the N button should indeed move focus to the note canvas.
I fixed this in rev. 2685.