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I'm trying to tab out Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and the main picking part has hammer-ons. How would one notate that on the Acoustic Guitar Tablature? And how do you notate it when you slap the strings?


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@MHorne. For the x in tabs: True. A number or letter is not considered as a note head (!) and so, can not be changed :)
I have not thought about this issue for the moment. But I think to this workaround for now. A better one, maybe?

So, you choose a standard staff + a linked Tab staff : you input notes in the standard staff -> change note heads (via palette) -> you get this in the Tab (measure 3) . Then, you can remove the standard staff if you want.
I do not know if that is your wish?


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Ghost notes:

The supported way for entering ghost notes in TAB is to use the "Mirror note head" command, which is mapped to the Shift X shortcut by default (the shortcut can be changed in "Edit | Preferences", "Shortcuts", like any other shortcut).



P.S.: Sorry for being so late in posting: I missed this thread.

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