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• Jan 5, 2015 - 14:06

I'm currently reformatting music for a choir (4 voices). Most of the music fits onto 2 pages and so what I really want are "facing" pages so that no-one needs to turn over a page when we're singing.
In printing terms I want page 1 blank, pages 2 and 3 to have the music.
I can do it by manipulating a pdf created from Musescore but it would be better not to have to do extra step (and it causes issues with margins for binding.

Is this possible in Musescore?


You are asking how to have page 1 blank? Just insert a vertical frame at the top of your score, resize it as necessary to take the whole page. Or just use the title frame - seems having the title instead a blank page would be more typical anyhow.

What size paper are you printing on? Are you trying to make a booklet? Two-sided printer?
I ask this because, in portrait mode, when you print two pages it uses two sheets of paper. Each sheet is printed on only one side. If you then put the two sheets in a binder, they can face each other.

Having said that, if you want, as you stated: 'page 1 blank, pages 2 and 3 to have the music' - see the attachment, where I used a blank vertical frame for the whole first page, forcing the music onto the second and third pages. (Just as Marc mentioned.)
So, when printed, the first sheet just passes through the printer with nothing on it (page 1 blank), followed by 2 pages of music printed on one side.


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Thanks for all the helpful comments. I'm printing A4 pages on a Duplex printer.
The suggestion I like best is making the frame for the title sufficiently large to fill the first page and then I get two full pages of music on pages 2&3 and following.

Thanks to all the community.

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