Sliders and dials

• Jan 5, 2015 - 14:48

In v2 (as in v1.3) setting BPM in the play panel and Vol, Pan, Rev & Cho in the Mixer panel are each controlled by sliders and dials. Manipulating these is difficult for me as I suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy which basically means I have little fine/close control with my hands and trying to set a slider to 100BPM using a mouse and fine control is tremendously hard.
I can press keys easily but have difficulty with the sliders/dials

Could not an option be provided to enter such values as digits?


That would be a good enhancement. But meanwhile, the play panel at least should already be fully keybaord controllable just using tab and arrow keys. You can navigate to the tempo slider using the keybaord or click it, then use up and down arrows. Up/down in the box above the tempo slider moves in 5% increments. The Mixer controls are also keybaord controllable, although you cannot nagivate by keyboard as far as I can tell - I believe you do have to click a control to activate it.

BTW, using the play panel is not the way to set tempo for a piece - it is more for temporary overrides, like to hear slower playback for practice purposes. That is why the values are expressed in percentages rather than BPM. If you are trying to set the actual tempo for a piece, that should be done by adding a tempo text (Alt+T in 2.0).

In MuseScore 1.3:

For the mixer, the up arrow and down arrow can be used to adjust Vol, Pan, Rev, and Cho. You must click on the slider/dial you wish to change, then use the arrow.

Same with the synthesizer, although using the left/right arrows for the left/right sliders is counter-intuitive. The vertical up/down adjustments behave ok.

With the Play Panel, the Tmp and Vol also work with up/down arrows after clicking on the slider.


Thanks for the helpful comments, I hadn't realised that the up/down arrows could be used.

The problem with "feature rich" software is finding all the features but it's fun finding them eventually.

Brilliant software and many thanks to everyone involved in the development.

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