Option to make SoundFont/Zerberus file as the top one

• Jan 6, 2015 - 19:11
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

OS: Windows (But probably aplly to all)
Build: Latest nightly from here [R.3e6763e6]

I would like to request a option to set the SoundFont as top, (maybe right click or a button) as it may be a bit annoying to move a soundfont to top if you have plenty of soundfonts (I have ~50 sf files)


Isn't this what the Up/Down buttons do? I guess if you literally have 50 soundfonts *loaded* at once, this would require 50 clicks, but do you actually have that many soundfonts *loaded* at once? What's the use case?

All listed soundfonts with all their voices are loaded and accessible by the synthesizer. I believe you are switching soundfonts by moving them to the top. This works but is only a side effect of the current implementation. Actually the association between staff instrument and sound is broken.
All soundfonts on the list are also loaded on startup of MuseScore, so it may be not a good idea to make this list long.