No playback or MIDI sounds in Beta 2

• Jan 11, 2015 - 04:17

Just installed the latest Beta 2 and now have no sound on playback or on MIDI input. I'm on Win 7.

When I open MuseScore v.1 it's fine. It's just v.2 Beta that's not working. Is there a setting for sounds now that I'm not seeing??


My bad. I installed to a custom location, so the program didn't know where anything was. An uninstall/reinstall to default location fixed the problem (I thought that was quicker/easier than editing the file locations in Edit/Preferences).

It seems very odd to me that a program can only function in the default location without having to edit it after install. I've never experienced that before. Most programs figure it out without user intervention. Perhaps that's what I get for messing with beta software.

Edit: Thanks Shoichi ... your comment appeared after I submitted mine ... we must have been commenting at exactly the same time :)

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I did have the beta 1 installed (in the default location), and intended to keep this installation separate, hence the attempt to install in a custom location. It didn't work, though, because the beta 2 overwrote beta 1 anyway.

What with troubleshooting Korg drivers as well it ended up being an hour or so wasted on tech issues that I should have been using to transcribe. BAH!

Thanks for your input.

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