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• Jan 11, 2015 - 12:04

I scored a piece for four trumpets, and for convenience, I scored the first and second parts on one staff, and the third and fourth parts on another staff. Now I want to print out parts, but, of course, two parts appear on each chart. How do I tell the program to just print one of the two lines, or, print out two copies and erase the first line on one and the second line on the other?

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One way would be:
Select> More, Same stave, Same voice. Then delete (or copy and paste into a new score).
Save as * 1.mscz.
Repeat for the other voices

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I would do the work in separate staves.

But by the way, Can I get some help in copying an pasting a first trumpet and then using the second staff in the score and pasting it a second lower? What I am working on is doing the first part and then copying the first part and pasting it into its own staff but in the second voice, sorry a third lower as it is suppose to be. co

This function is generally referred to as "exploding". You can do this 1.3 using a plugin (see Plugins menu at right of this page), or in experimental 2.0 builds using Edit / Tools / Explode.

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