Changes to "Measure operations" in the Handbook (svn2690)

• Feb 7, 2010 - 12:14

The procedure given in the handbook included in svn 2690 for deleting measures doesn't seem to work as it appears to have changed.

I would like to suggest the following alterations to the "Delete" subentry with additions in the "Append" and "Insert" subentries to add the keyboard shortcuts for multiple appends and insertions.

I haven't been able to insert the Mac clover leaf glyph nor the right arrows of the original...

I have copied the existing text when unmodified and encapsulated my suggestion in <newtext> tags.

Measure operations

To add a measure to the end of the piece press Ctrl+B (Mac: <cloverleaf>+B>. To add multiple measures use the menu Create > Measures > Append Measures <newtext>or press Ctrl+Shift+B (Mac:???) and enter the number of measures you wish to append in the box that appears.</newtext>


First select a measure then press Ins to insert a new empty measure before the selected one. To insert multiple measures use the menu Create > Measures > Insert Measures <newtext>or Ctrl+Ins</newtext>.


To delete a measure you have first to select it in a special way. Press Ctrl (Mac: <clover leaf>) on the keyboard as you click on an empty part of the measure with the mouse. The measure is marked with a blue rectangle to show you have selected a "piece of time". <newtext>Press Ctrl+Shift (Mac: ???) while clicking on another measure to extend the selection. Pressing Ctrl+Del removes the selected measure or measures.</newtext>


The pdf version is not updated yet but the online version shows how to delete measures in the latest beta and nightly builds (see measure operations ).

In most cases I tend to prefer to give the menu items rather than the shortcuts in the handbook. This is because the shortcuts can vary depending on whether you are on Mac or PC, or whether you have customized it. They can add a lot of clutter to the text and are usually more difficult to remember than the menu structure. Of course when you go to the menu item in MuseScore the shortcut is clearly displayed.

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SVN contains the latest code but the latest [[nodetitle:handbook]] text and translations are on the website. The goal is to reduce the technical barriers for non-code related contributions and to allow more collaborative work. SVN it updated from time to time and before each stable release.

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