Nightly 2174 Print problem Win 7

• Jan 15, 2015 - 20:42

I just downloaded 2174. It will not print no matter which method I try. No window appears.

Win 7


Hadn't used it for a long time, as I export to PDF usually, and if need be print those, so I check right now: works fine for me, Windows 7 (Enterprise 64bit).
I know this doesn't help you, but shows that it isn't a general problem with nightly builds on Windows.

Hmm hold on, I'm using a Qt-5.4.1 prerelease (which has the Windows/PDF export issue fixed), so maybe there is a difference, let me test on another PC...

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When I go to the download page and download everything and unzip and go to bin and launch, it shows that I have the latest nightly, the same one.

I redid everything and STILL no joy. :(

As I said, no print window comes up, no matter which of the options I choose to try and launch it.

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