Concert Pitch transposition problem

• Jan 16, 2015 - 15:53

I am using version 1.3, revision 5702. Small score for two B flat trumpets and E flat Alto sax. First section is in concert E major and second section is in concert A major. When switching from concert pitch the key signatures to not change as they should ie trumpets move up a tone, the two trumpets get a different key signature. In other scores with only one key throughout this problem does not appear. The attached file shows the aftermath of what happened when I tried to make the changes


Are you by any chance on Mac? A few people have reported problems of this nature that crop up in certain specific cases, always on Mac I believe. See for more information. So far, as far as I know no one has seen this sort of problem in current 2.0 beta/nightly builds, so hoepfully it is fixed.

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Hi Marc
I am using a laptop with Windows eight. Problem is similar to the Mac one you mentioned. I am not particularly computer savvy and am unsure about what I should do next. Should I go go for the beta. I have no idea what I nightly build is. Would that help?

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I assume the problem fixes itself if you delete the key signatures and reenter them, or some such. I have never been able to reproduce any problems of this nature, though, so I can't be sure.

Meanwhile, sure, feel free to download the beta. It's a snapshot of what will eventually become MuseScore 2. The nightly builds are just more current snashots. You can get them using the "Download" link in the menu at right. But keep in mind, both beta and nightly builds are still experimental prereleases, not really meant to replace 1.3 yet but merely for you you to try things out to see how they work. Like, so you can see if this problem you are seeing still exists for you.

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Odd. I opened both scores in 5702 and in 2.0 (PC, ubunutu 14.04) and it looks as though the "Concert Pitch" shows everything transposed and when Concert Pitch is off they all have the same keys and there isn't an E Major in sight in the first section (it's all flats). It all sounds OK, though.

Have you successfully used transposition in MuseScore before? I ask because I wonder if you didn't create these scores incorrectly, or if you are confused about what is supposed to happen. Sorry, I don't know about your background, so don't be insulted if you're actually a power user and know exactly what you are doing here.

But you say the first section is in concert E major, and I see nothing but flats in the key signature when I view it in Concert Pitch mode. And a different number of flats for trumpet versus alto. When I view with concert pitch *on*, I see 4 flats for trumept, 5 for alto. That makes no sense. But when I turn concert pitch *off*, the key signatures and the music both transpose correctly - the trumpet loses two flats, and the alto sax loses three, so they all end up with 2 flats.

The key change that happens later seems fine. It shows as 3 sharps for all instruments in concert pitch, then if I turn concert pitch, it turns into 5 sharps for trumept, 6 sharps (displayed as 6 flats, which is equivalent, in MuseScore 1.3; 2.0 displays 6 sharps) for alto sax.

So the concert pitch button seems to be working correctly on the score - the score is just in an odd state. I guess you are saying thats the result of something, but I can't tell exactly what.

Anyhow, if I switch to concert pitch mode, add E major key signatures to all three instruments at the beginning, then everything works perfectly. Although here again, if you add a 4 sharp key signature in concert key, that turns into 6 or 7 sharps for trumpet and alto, and MuseScore 1.3 displays this as 6 flats and five flats respectively - equivalent to be sure, but maybe not what you wanted? Again, 2.0 will display this as 6 & 7 sharps.

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