Cannot Create Templates

• Jan 18, 2015 - 13:01

MuseScore 1.3 for some reason will not let me create my own template from a music score. I can create from any preset template or from scratch, but when I add a saved copy of my own score to the templates folder and then create a new score from template and choose my own template, it crashes every time.

Note: On Mac OS Lion 10.7.5 when you open a "Save as" browser window and go to Applications > of course you cannot go further into the app package to save in the "templates" folder, because OS X 10.7.5 will not do that as the app is a "package" not a folder. So to create my own template I saved the score to the desktop and then dragged it into Applications > (and down the hierarchy of folders to templates) by clicking CTRL on the app to "Show Package Contents". I don't see why that should make any difference to being able to use the template.

I checked the "known incompatibilities" and could see nothing there. Perhaps this is something simple that I am missing? I am new to MuseScore but have created a nice looking score that prints beautifully in only one day of learning my way round it, nice software!

Also, if I create a score from a template, the default instrument part is not displayed in the score. That's fine by me because I am not interested at present in creating scores for multiple instruments. If I create a score "from scratch" and choose the instrument(s) (guitar in my case) it always displays the instrument name on every stave – which I don't want. Is there any way to get rid of that altogether, as opposed to just "hiding it"? I am mainly concerned with making nice scores for printing or PDF, not the playback, although that is very useful when composing, to check for mistakes.


2.0 does it make it easier to add templates - you can save them in your own folder, not the application package (that's a Mac-ism, I guess; on other systems you *can* save directly into MuseScore's template folder if you have appropriate permissions on your system).

To delete an instrument name in 1.3, simply click it and press Delete. Or right click it (Cmd+Click on Mac, or equivalent touchpad gesture) and see Staff properties for more options.

In 2.0, staff names are automatically suppressed by default for single-instrument scores, although you can override that in Style / General.

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