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• Jan 19, 2015 - 10:38

Screenshot Mode does not work properly, it is not possible to paste to MS Word. (Nightly-2015-01-18-2111-be86863)
You can paste it into Paint. Here you can see the reflection. 2 pixels are moved to the left side of the image.

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If it will paste into Paint then it seems to me that the fault lies with MS Word not being able to handle a raw bitmap in the clip buffer.

It pastes into LibreOffice Writer OK which pretty much confirms that the fault lies with Word.

Best of luck taking this up with MS support :)

I can confirm either issue. The latter might be a genuine MuseScore bug, the former surely is a Microsoft Office bug (not just Word, Outlook too).

Well I think we have a problem.

Just tried copying and pasting from my latest Windows 8.1 self-build (commit be86863) and the only application I can paste into from the snapshot tool is MS Paint.

It pastes fine into a range of applications including Serif Drawplus and LibreOffice Writer from the snapshot tool in Beta 1, which suggests, unless the code has been worked on (and as far as I can see it has not been worked on since 2013), that something broke in Qt 5.4

Any way we can check if Qt is the problem?

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In Clipboard viewer appears: “ClipBook Viewer cannot display the information in its current format or there is not enough memory to display it.”
A screenshot in the ClipBook Viewer appears when you save. Of course, 2 pixels are moved to the left side of the image.

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I worked on a bit of this code to allow an automatic trimming option - see for exact the "Auto-resize to page" option in the right click menu for the screenshot mode. I don't *think* it would have any effect like this, but since I touched it, I'm happy to look, if someone gives me *precise* steps to reproduce, since so far I haven't been able to on Ubuntu (could be it's a Windows-only Qt bug of course).

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Well, there are *general* steps I am following, but for all we know, the bug might depend on specifics not provided. Like maybe it only happens if the score has staff names, or if it doesn't, or only with/without brackets. Or only when selecting a region that is more / less than 500 pixels wide. Or only if it spans / doesn't span multiple staves. Or only if there is / isn't a title frame. All sorts of variables I just don't know that I am reproducing correctly.

So again, I'd appreciate *precise* steps to reproduce - either with a score I can create from scratch given the listed instructions, or with a psoted score, and a good description of exactly what region I need to select.

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About the only thing mentioned that's important is to start the selection _very_ close the start of the staff, a few pixels away, so you can see things properly. This sample is taken from "My First Score", nothing added.

The initial selection:

What pasting from the clipboard looks like in IrfanView. Notice where the final barline has gone:

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Checked in Windows 7 32 bit, Nightly-2015-01-24-1407-8c2401f
It does not matter the contents of the score
it doesn't matter the size of the selected area
Sample selection:
Paste correctly to XnView
Do not paste to, Gimp, IrfanView, Word 2010, Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator
Pastes, but moves pixels from right to left – Paint, Fotografix.


Additionally, always in the lower left corner you can see three pixels - red, green and blue:


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FWIW, I am not seeing any issues on Ubuntu, and I was helping a friend with this on Mac the other day and there were no problems there either.

Curious, what happens for you if you paste it right back into MuseScore? You need to click a note to attach the graphic to first. I just realized this works, BTW. Ossia just got a lot easier!

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