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• Jan 19, 2015 - 18:18

I'm delighted that the new Musescore reads Guitar Pro tablature. Are there any plans to add .tef and .ptb tabs to the list?


With respect to .tef files, you can use TablEdit to save as MusicXML, which can be imported into MuseScore. Also TuxGuitar claims to be able to import .tef and export MusicXML.

Note that I do not know how well the TablEdit and TuxGuitar MusicXML export works, I did not try that myself for a long time.

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Many thanks for your reply. I've tried exporting .tef to MusicXML from both TablEdit and TuxGuitar. While the resulting file can be read by Musescore, the voicing is quite lost in the translation. The results can, of course, be re-edited, but that's a great deal of work, so I was hoping some direct reading by Musescore of such files was (as it were) in the works. I guess there are no such immediate plans. I wish I could help out myself but I'm just not competent.

TuxGuitar's export to MusicXML is almost useless. For any MuXML I usually open it with GuitarPro, then re-export it to MuXML, then open it with MuseScore2. Though there are many elements not needed (like dynamics markings repeating in every bar...), I select one element (i.e. 'mf' dynamics marking), right-click -> Select -> All similar elements, then hit [Delete].

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(Old topic, I know)
I just found that .ptb is at least mentioned in the code (and would trigger a importGTP) but not enabled in the file selector.

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Thanks for the reply. Tried your suggestion and gave me a starting point. Not perfect but something to work with where I don't have to start from scratch.

The attached images has a snippet from my power tab file displayed at the top. The bottom image is the same snippet from where I tried your suggestion.

Wouldn't have thought of the "drag and drop". Was trying File - Open and didn't see a way to import .ptb files. Appreciate the help.

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Just tried to open a .ptb extension in M4; message says "format corrupted" & offers an "open anyway" option. What appears is not much like the original. Of course the file may be corrupted, but it comes from Power Tab Editor, so I assume not.

File attached - i had to rename it 'cos the ptb extension wasn't accepted. I could possibly work on this, but I don't have much clue about Musescore internals.

Thanks in advance

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Import of this file does not seem to work in neither MS3 nor 4.
Import in tuxguitar is working fine, so the file itself seems to be OK.

Saving the file in tuxguiter as a guitar pro gp5 file and opening that one in MS also works fine.
(i used tuxguitar because it is free, not because i specially like it)

is this still experimental?
handbook 3:

Power Tab Editor (*.ptb) (import only)
PTB files are created by Power Tab Editor. MuseScore's support is currently experimental.

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