Only top staff plays back

• Nov 6, 2008 - 21:14

When I push the playback button it only plays the top staff. I'm not sure if the program can only play one or not, but searched everywhere else and couldn't find any option to switch and get it to play both.

Using version 0.9.3
Revision 1102


Is there another way to fix the problem? I have it too. I would rather not bog down my PC further with a soundfont.
I am using Windows XP Home and MuseScore Version 0.9.3.

Does the person making the recommendation regarding how to fix this genuinely believe the action will solve the problem? "You should try..." doesn't leave me with that impression.

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Indeed it was an english mistake, and I should (;-)) be more careful when writing in english.
English is not my native language, I really mean : It SHOULD solve your problem. This is a software and you are using a computer. Without seeing your screen and be near you, the best I can tell is "should" and "probably". Please excuse me if I use some safeguard :)
To answer your question, yes, I believe it will solve the problem like it does 80% of the time. And yes I was sincere and honnest using "should" ;)

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