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• Jan 23, 2015 - 09:20

Plz. describe how to insert a barre line in fret diagram.
I unsuccessfully tried it on MAC Yosemite with lots of combinations, e.g. shift left mouse click.
Fret diagram properties menu is successfully opend and number of strings is 4 in my case


Ok, so:

1) Drag and drop on the score the fretboard diagram from Symbols palette

2) Click right on the diagram -> Diagram Properties fretboard

3) For example, to get an F, first set up this configuration (you may see the number 6 for strings in the spinbox at the bottom of this window)

first step.jpg
4) Press the Shift key, and then click on the first fret of the 6th string, like this:


First result:
Final result on the score for the F chord:
F chord.jpg

You can change the width of the barré line at your convenience by going to Style -> General -> Chords symbols -> Barré line width

Note that the principle is the same if you want a four strings barré (or other). In this case of A7 chord: Shift, and then click on the fourth string, second fret:
A7 chord.jpg

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Sorry, I'll decline. I have little taste for this kind of help, and I do not understand terms as "Markdown syntax" and "Markdown extra" e.g.
I'm more useful, and I prefer very clearly to spend my free time by testing the Nigthlies, for improving them and making them stronger by the day :)

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