Musescore player won't follow codas

• Jan 24, 2015 - 20:01

This is not a really big deal but can someone explain why the Musescore player won't follow the codas? It does take the Repeats. See attached score.

Using 2.0 nightly 2014-12-31-1119-63c0633.7z

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Alone Again (Naturally)(Eb).mscz 28.45 KB


Your score has two Coda signs. The Coda sign is used to mark the actual coda segment. To jump to Coda you need to insert "To Coda". Once you have done that you can change the "To Coda" text to a Coda sign if you wish but only by changing the text. In 1.3 if you right-click on them you will see that they have different properties and in 2.0 you can see this in the Inspector. (In 2.0, in fact, you could just enter the sign twice so long as you changed the jump and label properties using the Inspector).

When MuseScore can't interpret repeats because the repeat bars or the To Codas etc. don't follow a strict logic it makes mistakes and in this case it ignored the DS as it was confused.

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