Printing odditty

• Jan 26, 2015 - 09:23

Using Musescore beta 2 a925ae0 with Win7

I have a duplex HP22055 printer which by default is set to single-sided printing. However, when I print from Musescore Beta2, it always prints double-sided and I don't understand why. If I want a single-sided print in MuseScore, I have to select File/Print, then go into (printer) preferences (where it shows standard single-sided already selected). Just click "ok" without changing anything at all, then click "Print" and I get my single-sided copy but it's annoying.

Anyone have any ideas what I need to do ?


In Layout , Page settings,
Two sidded is by default ticked .... if you unticked it you won't have odd and even option and it should be as you want... ;)

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