VIRUS ALERT - a trojan occurred in 2.0 beta2

• Jan 27, 2015 - 00:19

Hi, I have to let you know that my Avast antivirus discovered a Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] trojan and removed the MuseScore.exe even during the installation.
About the virus


Did you install this from somewhere other than this site? I can guarantee there is no virus in MuseScore 2.0 Beta 2, or indeed any officially sanctioned build of MuseScore ever. So unless this was a file downloaded from an untrusted third party, I would suggest reporting this false positive to Avast.

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Downloaded it from this site.
OK, I can report to Avast, but have you any idea what causes it in MuseScore.exe?
This seems to be something that existed from the very beginning but no one antivirus had idea that this could be any virus. Some couple weeks ago nothing happened when I worked with this beta2.

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Now I sent this report to Avast with the following information:
Seems to be a false alert. First time it was raised once when the program was launched (I had used it without problems couple of weeks earlier). Before new install I checked MuseScore-2.0-beta2.msi and any virus was not found. New alert occured during new installation and MuseScore.exe was removed. Third time I turned the protection off and reinstalled the program. Then turned protection on and checked MuseScore.exe separately. I extracted it as well with 7zip and checked the extracted content. No virus was found in both cases. But alert was raised after I launched the program (and MuseScore.exe was removed to chest)

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I've had exactly this problem and have reported it to Avast as a "falsepositive".

I had saved the downloaded Beta 2 file on my PC and then ran it to install Musescore as soon as it came out. Worked perfectly.
Had a few issues with templates and decided to re-install Musescore. Used the same file that was stored on my PC and got the problem with Avast. Avast also reported an issued when I tried to download Musescore B2 again.

Got round the problem by disabling Avast until MuseScore Beta 2 was successfully installed.
Everything works OK now so obviously the problem is with Avast.

Not sure was it some Windows-related bug or something else but it seems that the latest Windows update (W8) solved this issue.

In this French post
a SDHelper.dll is mentioned as a culprit. I didn't find such file, maybe windows removed it during update?
Anyway, no more reaction from Avast when running MuseScore2beta2.
Thanks for attention!

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