Easy way to disable dynamics during playback?

• Jan 28, 2015 - 21:39

Hi there,
I'm using Beta 2.0, and really enjoying the new features. I would like to know if there is any easy way I can disable dynamics during playback? I find it useful to add them from the dynamics palette, but I really don't want them to play while I'm editing the piece - so I end up doing all my editing, and adding dynamics at the last moment before printing - it would be much easier for me if I could add them as I go along, but make them all play at the same volume. Is this something that can be done through the inspector? I've had a little play with it, but I'm not really getting to grips with exactly what it does.

Thank you for your help!


You could right click a dynamic marking, Select / All similar, then use the Inspector to set them all to the same dynamic. When you're ready to have dynamics again, repeat the process but this time it the Reset button in the Inspector.

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Thanks Marc,
Yes that works, and I can see why I was confused - when I do this: right click on a dynamic marking and 'select all similar' then the velocity text in the inspector turns blue - all good so far, then when I highlight the velocity text and type a new value, eg. 100 - the text turns black and the 1 appears, but the zeros disappear as I type them. I tried another way to change the value for the dynamic range by using the up and down arrows - I can see the figures changing if I keep the arrow pressed, but as soon as I release it, the value displayed reverts to 1 above the figure for the first dynamic marking eg if it's p, the value is 49, so it goes to 50 - however, the values have been changed.

When I do the reverse, and press the reset button, the value changes to '0' - I guess that's due to the values now all being different again.

So it all works, but in a rather confusing manner.

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I've just tried that, and it behaves in the same way as when I click on the arrows with the mouse - the figure changes to +1 of the first dynamic, and I can see the figures changing as I hold the arrow key down, but as soon as I release it, it reverts to the +1 value. If I click away and select each dynamic separately, they have all been changed to the same value, and this is the value that I got to with the arrow pressing, and not the +1 value displayed.

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I can see that once all the dynamics are set the same then it's fine - I can see the value and it behaves as I would expect - it's that first changing of the dynamics that caused my confusion. Now I know it's changing them all, it's fine, I can work with it. After all, I only want it as a temporary fix during editing. At least I know what to do now, and that it all works.
Thanks again!

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