Guitar Tab Ghost Notes

• Jan 28, 2015 - 23:49

Hi, how do I write ghost notes in the guitar TAB? I'm able to write ghost notes in the regular five line staff, but when I copy the notes over to the guitar TAB, they appear as regular notes and not as an X.


Seems to me, unless I'm misunderstanding, that "X" wouldn't make sense in tab - ghost note or not, you would need the number to tell you what fret to hit. Unless it's really so ghosted that it just doesn't matter. In which case, I guess you could mark the note invisible, then add the "X" manually as a symbol or even as text.

The supported way for entering ghost notes in TAB is to use the "Mirror note head" command, which is mapped to the ShiftX shortcut by default (the shortcut can be changed in "Edit | Preferences", "Shortcuts", like any other shortcut).

Please let us know if this is not working correctly or it is not what you intended.



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