Version 1.3 won't open

• Jan 29, 2015 - 02:16

I've done a bit of research already, but I haven't read on this type of issue yet...
Musescore has suddenly stopped working for me. In the past, every-so-often it would crash, though I could open it right up and recover everything perfectly fine. Though today it hasn't opened at all after that. I don't get any popup when I click to open the program...the logo sorta just stays there lit up for a moment, then silently fades away (like it's scared or something). I have windows 7, home premium.
I've tried un-downloading and re-downloading the same version since this occurrence; many of the first installation fragments gives me a popup saying that it has failed, and I could either abort, retry, or ignore. Out of curiosity, I found that I could only finish the installation if I ignored. Retrying doesn't work, and aborting stops the instillation it altogether.
So, is the ignoring causing musescore to stop working? How can I fix this? I love musescore- I'm heartbroken that it has failed me. Help is greatly appreciated! Thank you~!


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