Naming Fretboard diagrams?

• Feb 7, 2015 - 16:11

Is it me, or is there no way to name fretboard diagrams? Meaning, if I want to save a Cm7 diagram with Cm7 on top of the diagram, is it possible?


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After messing around with the fretboard diagrams, they have a long way to go before being useful for guiarists. The diagrams themselves look nice aesthetically, however, without the ability to name them and be able to store many of them with easy recall, then it's not practical. I suggest looking at a program called MusEdit's fretboard diagram feature, chord editor, and most importantly how it stores and recalls chords for usage.

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Sorry if I express myself badly, I do not speak English.
MuseScore is a scorewriter and does its job very well. It is in constant evolution, but is unlikely to satisfy everyone, each one has his own ideas and needs (and usually seem to him the priority). In 2012 there was not this feature, it is now available even if not perfect.
As a volunteer I'm here to help out, if and how I can, perhaps fretboard diagrams will be implemented one day. Meanwhile, as you say, there are other software ...

Just checking in, has there been any progress on naming Fretboard Diagrams? I'm not talking about tying chord symbols to them, I'm just talking about storing a name with a fretboard diagram. I'm talking with a developer about a plugin and they too said "I can't find ability to name chords, where they're placed on store. I mean, that built-in chord diagram has no property "name""

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Well, I disagree, all the books I've seen always have the diagram along with the name of the chord.
And MuseScore used to have this too, IIRC, some year ago? Need to check, but I think the corresponding data structure is still in place.

Edit: checked: class FretDiagram has a member "Harmony* _harmony;", and that is the class used for chord symbols. So some infrastructure seems to be in place

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I think you misunderstand me. I mean that they are separate elements and need to be added separately, but they will of course *appear* together just like they do in published books.

Indeed, there was at one time some infrastructure in place to allow a chord symbol to be attached directly to a fret diagram, but it was never fully implemented and never actually worked.

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Jojo, does that mean what you said in your previous message isn't valid? My developer informed me that the fret diagrams need to have a name property. I guess this will have to be added to the core program.

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The developer is correct that there is no way to add a meaningful name to a fret diagram currently, and that this would require changes to the core. However, without understanding exactly what this plugin you are trying to design is supposed to do, it may well be that there is a different way of achieving that end result. So more information on what you are actually trying to do would help. It may well turn out it is already possible to achieve what you want using separate fret diagram and harmony elements.

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I want to have a guitar chord diagram system that allows me to quickly create, store and recall diagrams, not in a visual palette, but more of a database type system. Suppose I want to have 14 different versions of one chord at different locations on the guitar neck. The palette system is not efficient for this.

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I think if I were you, I'd be doing this by simply creating a document with all these variations. Or perhaps different documents, one for each root, or one for each basic chord type, whatever. In that document, you can have both fret diagrams and chord symbols already entered, say one per measure. Then it's just a matter of copying and pasting to put these in any given new score.

Anyhow, everything you describe should be perfectly doable as far as I can tell. Like I said, just because MuseScore itself can't associate the fret diagram and chord symbol doens't mean a plugn could not do so simply by storing both of them for each each database entry. Which is to say, if the plugin can be written at all, this in itself should in no way impact it.

Developer said that they would edit the core program to support names for the diagrams. She says it might take a lot of time for that submission to become part of the program though, which is fine with me. Aside from a couple of things, the current version is more than sufficient for my needs.

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It would be great if the developer would come here and talk with us. Always available for a chat here, or on IRC #musescore on

To sum up your requests
* Fingering in diagrams
* A database of diagrams and chordnames (I guess these will depend on the tuning btw)

Do you know of any similar database in other software?

You talk about a couple of other things that you would need. Can you elaborate?

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No they are not part of the MuseScore team. They are working on a project for me. Part of this project will require adding the naming to the fretboard diagrams to the program. So they will do the work and commit the changes to the code repository. Then you, the core developers of the program, can review the developers work and decide whether to include the feature in future version of the program. That's how it was explained to me anyways.

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