Unability to save the chords name in the palettes

• Feb 22, 2015 - 08:42
S4 - Minor

1) Create new score and add chords names.

For example, with this configuration in Style -> General: MuseJazz Musical Text Font + Chords Symbols: "Jazz" Appearance and "Standard" Note spelling

2) Drag and drop these chords names (with Ctrl + Shift) in a palette, eg, Symbols palette.

Result: various. Examples: the "F" fails (nothing happens in the cell). For "Cm": only the "m" is saved etc. See image.
chords symbols.jpg
Same result after Save and Reload.

Note: I tried other configurations, with different "Text font" (Emmentaler eg) and other "Appearance" and "note spelling". I fail to find a consistent behaviour.


Realistically, this could be kind of hard to make work the way you might expect. The root of the chord is not really stored as part of the text but as a number, to make it possible to transpose it later. We could probably some sort of special case code to make it behave display reasonably in the palette. It *does* seem to basically work to then add the chord to your score, but I'm not sure it really works in all cases, with transposition, linked parts, etc. If it's an easy fix to make it display properly in the palette, and it works OK after that, I'll do it. Otherwise I might disable adding chord symbols to the palette for now.

Ok, thanks for attention. This issue has already been discussed on the English forum. I have not pursued the matter to see what it would be desirable and feasible without too much upheaval (?) with MuseScore.

The idea that the chord name and the fretboard diagram can be linked (associated) and placed in a palette for reuse would be a starting point, perhaps?

Meanwhile, do not worry too much about finding a solution if it too difficult to implement. And especially to avoid any side effect that would be inappropriate in this moment! :)

For now, and for my part, I can be satisfied with this workaround, simple, and with result quite decent. Only inconvenient: do two operations (add the diagramm, then the chord name) instead of one operation if it was "associated."
So: use staff text (Ctrl + T) to enter the chord name -> Edit the text to change the font, eg MuseJazz. It's all!
And ready to be reused :)

chords names.jpg

So the problem is interesting - we can't display the chord symbol reasonably because there is no chord symbol style loaded yet to tell us how to display them. The palette cannot access settings that are only in the score.

So there won't be a good fix for this aside from loading a chord symbol style globally into MuseScore, and that is scary in that there have a number of nasty bugs involved with the interaction between these style files. So I won't risk changing this for 2.0.

Meanwhile, I agree, regular staff text will be the way to do what you are trying to do.