Noten in elkaar laten vloeien

• Feb 9, 2015 - 08:34

Hoe kan ik een gepunte vierde (zelfde noot) laten samenlopen met een achtste noot? Iemand enig idee. Zie foto's om te zien wat ik bedoel). Ik wil dus de gepunte vierde re laten overeenkomen met de achtste re. In musescore wordt de gepunte vierde echter na de achtste noot gezet

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In case you're not aware: you've posted to the English part of the forum, not the Dutch.
I don't speak Dutch, but the bit I get from the text and the images, I guess I see your problem...

If that 8th were dotted too, just like the quarter, both would share the note head (un 2.0 Beta 2 at least, not sure about 1.3). As they don't share that dot, they can't share the note head either without being confusing.

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Indeed works like that in 1.x (guess you used that, deducting from the beige background), but not in 2.0 (deducted that was being used by the OPs images with white background, probably created via foto mode, and the positions of the rests). At least it is not the default in 2.0 (and for good reasons I think) but it can get achieved there too, by changing the note head type of the 8th to quarter in Inspector

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