Re-Installed 1.2 on MacBook Pro. No Playback ???

• Feb 10, 2015 - 18:15

I'm not very technical. Please advise. I was unable to use 1.2 because it would not start. So I deleted it and downloaded 1.3, despite knowing that it is not 100% compatible with my MacBook. Today, I decided to re-install 1.2. All was completely normal but there seems to be no playback. -- Created new piano score. All seemed as usual but, on selecting Playback, nothing happened. No moving cursor on score. No sound of any kind. Playback window displays as if it's working.


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Certainly, 1.3 operates fairly well but there are unexpected problems. I had trouble deleting measures. The system would crash. I could not change measure properties (as for a pick-up measure) without causing a crash. Playback sounded as if it were a bit ILL. Reverting back to 1.2 was a relief. -- I'm very excited to see if MuseScore 2.0 will be compatible with my MacBook Pro.

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Mavericks and later—that explains it. I only upgraded to Mavericks a few months ago, and it was within a month of that that I switched to using 2.0—not enough time to realize there were problems that hadn't been there before.

@JimJPiano, you might be a little surprised by the appearance of the program's interface (it's not Mac style anymore), but the recent prerelease versions of 2.0 from are quite stable, 100% Mac compatible, and twenty times more powerful than 1.x. (IMO, I feel they're practically ready for release candidate status, but my opinion doesn't count.) Highly recommended, is what I'm trying to say—you definitely should try it out.

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I do appreciate the recommendation. I use MuseScore to create materials for my students. I'm risking downtime by testing 2.0 but I'm willing to risk a little. I'll try it when I can (probably next week) and I'll bet you're right, it's better already. Thanks for the tip.

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