The shortcut ( Ctrl+Alt+4) does not work?

• Feb 12, 2015 - 05:57

I mostly use the mouse to change the voices (Voice 1, Voice 2...)

But as it happens to me more now to use the keyboard, I note that the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + 4 (so: to switch to Voice 4) does not work.
I tried with my three computers (including a laptop), all recent, and it is the same failure.

Some others users would they have made the same observation or not? Thank you.


I use the keyboard shortcuts almost exclusively to switch amongst voices, and I haven't experienced any problem - up to and including 02-11-1441-cf37ea3, which I've been using today.

My OS is Windows 8.1 u1.

It works fine for me. My guess is something else on your computer is "stealing" that command. You are saying the other voice shortcuts (Cltr+Alt+2, etc) do work, just Cltr+Alt+4 doesn't?

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Absolutely all three other shortcuts (Ctrl/Alt/1-2-3) works, except Ctrl/Alt/4
For one only computer, I could be understand, but on the three and for the same command, it's surprising.
May be related to the configuration of the keyboards? I use the AZERTY system

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On WIndows, Ctrl + Alt is the same than AltGr. AltGr + 4 (the one in the top row) on an AZERTY keyboard is {, the default shortcut for decrease stretch... So the two shortcuts are in conflict..
If you go to preferences -> shortcut and clear the shortcut for "decrease stretch" then the voice 4 shortcut will work.
To sum it up, keyboard layout + shortcut management is not easy...

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Yes, the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+4 works now for Voice 4 :) Thanks lasconic.

Now, have you some proposals to install new shortcuts for "Decrease stretch" and for "Increase stretch" to avoiding a new conflict with other shortcuts/keys with the AZERTY system?

Anyway, one of them has never worked (Increase probably)

So, as much try something else (but thus avoiding conflicts, if possible?)

EDIT: for example: Shift + { and Shift + } ? Good idea or not?
Well, I try but the buttons (Add/Replace) seems disabled. Only Clear is enable.

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Oups, crossed posts. As said, I don't see how enable "Add" or/and "Replace". Would I forget something?
Edit: ah, press up to "Four" keys! Surprised by that. I begin to understand. I continue...

Re-dit: Well, it does not work. I drop. I used to go to the Measure Properties ('"Layout Stretch") for that. I'll keep it: it works fine. And I have now a shortcut for Voice4, which was my priority in this moment. Thanks for help.

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