The shortcut ( Ctrl+Alt+4) does not work?

• Feb 12, 2015 - 05:57

I mostly use the mouse to change the voices (Voice 1, Voice 2...)

But as it happens to me more now to use the keyboard, I note that the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + 4 (so: to switch to Voice 4) does not work.
I tried with my three computers (including a laptop), all recent, and it is the same failure.

Some others users would they have made the same observation or not? Thank you.


I use the keyboard shortcuts almost exclusively to switch amongst voices, and I haven't experienced any problem - up to and including 02-11-1441-cf37ea3, which I've been using today.

My OS is Windows 8.1 u1.

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Thanks for reply. My OS are Windows7 and Windows8. It's odd because I have nothing absolutely nothing changed in the "Shortcuts" (Edit -> Preferences -> shortcuts)
I have ever used them! So I see no risk of any conflict whatsoever in my case. I do not know what happens.

It works fine for me. My guess is something else on your computer is "stealing" that command. You are saying the other voice shortcuts (Cltr+Alt+2, etc) do work, just Cltr+Alt+4 doesn't?

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Absolutely all three other shortcuts (Ctrl/Alt/1-2-3) works, except Ctrl/Alt/4
For one only computer, I could be understand, but on the three and for the same command, it's surprising.
May be related to the configuration of the keyboards? I use the AZERTY system

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On WIndows, Ctrl + Alt is the same than AltGr. AltGr + 4 (the one in the top row) on an AZERTY keyboard is {, the default shortcut for decrease stretch... So the two shortcuts are in conflict..
If you go to preferences -> shortcut and clear the shortcut for "decrease stretch" then the voice 4 shortcut will work.
To sum it up, keyboard layout + shortcut management is not easy...

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Yes, the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+4 works now for Voice 4 :) Thanks lasconic.

Now, have you some proposals to install new shortcuts for "Decrease stretch" and for "Increase stretch" to avoiding a new conflict with other shortcuts/keys with the AZERTY system?

Anyway, one of them has never worked (Increase probably)

So, as much try something else (but thus avoiding conflicts, if possible?)

EDIT: for example: Shift + { and Shift + } ? Good idea or not?
Well, I try but the buttons (Add/Replace) seems disabled. Only Clear is enable.

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Oups, crossed posts. As said, I don't see how enable "Add" or/and "Replace". Would I forget something?
Edit: ah, press up to "Four" keys! Surprised by that. I begin to understand. I continue...

Re-dit: Well, it does not work. I drop. I used to go to the Measure Properties ('"Layout Stretch") for that. I'll keep it: it works fine. And I have now a shortcut for Voice4, which was my priority in this moment. Thanks for help.

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