Missing dot

• Feb 12, 2015 - 18:51

I have two voices on one stave. When both voices have the same note on a line and both notes are dotted, Musescore V2 beta 2 only shows one dot.
Convention is that two dots are shown in the spaces above and below the line, which is what V1.3 does.

Examples attached.


Actually, 1.3 was wrong and they were supposed to be combined. In all my 1.3 scores I always had to manually hide one notehead so the second dot was invisible.

Right, this was a fix made some time ago. Although I recognize some might prefer the less standard but occasionally seen before of showing both dots, and really, we should add a way to do that. I was surprised we didn't already have two dots overlapping each other, which would thus allow you to flip one down leaving the other up. That would probably be better than literally making both notes share the dot.

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