File extension in filename doesn't change in windows XP save as dialog

• Feb 28, 2010 - 12:52

When choosing 'File, Save As' there are two enoying thing
1. The file dialog blank out the file-name when the name of the file already existed. Can this be recalled and used as the chosen file by default?
2. When chaning the file-type, in the older revision (r2012) the extension text changed with the newly selected type - refering to the handler the ouput will be used. Can we have this feature back instead of the chosen-filename stays where it is?

Reproduce by saving a file, with proper name in the 'mcz', then choose to 'Save As' ... click on the list of files and directories in the dialog, select the 'mcz' file, then change the file-type to PDF. The 'mcz' extension stays in the file-name and must be manually removed. If not removed, the warning 'overwirte' will be prompted.



Point 1 is fixed.

Regarding your second point
I use the following steps

  1. Save a file in mscz format score.mscz
  2. Then save as
  3. Pick the mscz file I just save
  4. Change filetype to PDF

And the filename becomes score.pdf.

I'm using MuseScore r2799 on Windows Vista. And you ?
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Looks like it is limited to Windows XP. My guess is this is a bug in Qt rather than MuseScore code.

(Tested using r. 2809 nightly on Windows XP and Windows 7)

I do not personally think this has any things to do with OS dependent issue. The code worked in the previous version (r2010), which I still have in my PC. On r2010, the only anyoing thing is the 'Save As...' operation doesn't pick-up the default filename when saving as a new file, and blank-out the field 'Filename' in the dialog (issue #1 in this log), which user have to re-pick up from the list of files/directories..

r2010 was using another method to display the Save as dialog and all this has been reworked because it didn't work on Linux. The new method relies on the OS.
I tested r2811 on Windows XP and Windows Vista and indeed the bug is only present on Windows XP, so it's Qt or Windows XP that behave differently.

Status (old) active fixed

@alkayata . As mentioned in #1, it should be solved. Regarding the extension problem it looks like an OS/Qt problem.
I change the status of the bug to fixed for now.

Status (old) fixed active

I've just updated to r2818 and this behaviour has dissapeared. I won't be so sure that it's a question of the OS beacuse I didn't update the Qt libraries for long. The good point is that the problem for me seems resolved for now:)

Status (old) fixed active

For regular users like me, we don't event know what QT component is and what it should do, or how to get the latest version of QT etc... I retested this on windows XP, r2852 nightly built, it's still there. the extension doesn't change when a different file-type is selected.

Title Saving file and it's extension File extension in filename doesn't change in windows XP save as dialog

Ok... Let's change the title of the issue.

Status (old) active closed

hoang_tran, on Windows Qt is not something that "regular uses...need to know...or get the latest version of Qt." It is included with the installation of MuseScore. What we are saying in this bug report is that the bug would need to be fixed in Qt rather than in MuseScore code.

If you wish to follow further developments see:

I am using the latest nightly 3089 under Windows XP, and I'm still having the problem. Is there nothing that can be done other than hope that those behind Qt eventually get around to fixing it? When I save files as pdf, I then have to go into the folder they're in, right-click each file (and there's usually 12 or more, because I save the score and each individual part of my band arrangements as pdf files), highlight "Rename", then click the end of the file name, and delete off ".mscz" - quite annoying. I'm afraid that if I e-mail the pdf file to someone, that it won't open properly if I don't take that off (and I'm *massively* anal-retentive!).

newsome: Manually creating PDF files for every file in a folder sounds like to much work to me :)

I created a batch file that you might find helpful.


  1. Unzip the attachment: "" (below)
  2. Inside you will find a ".bat" file. Right-click on the file and chose "Edit"
  3. Notice that the first line tells the computer the location of your "nightly.exe". Replace the text C:\Users\David\Documents\MuseScore\mscoreNightly\bin\nightly.exe with the location of your "nightly.exe"

Now that you have the file setup to work with your computer all you have to do is drag "mscz2pdf.bat" to a folder and double click on the .bat file. It creates PDF files for every .mscz file in the current folder.

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