Find and Replace feature

• Feb 14, 2015 - 19:17

This would work in a similar way to the "Find and Replace" feature in a text editor. The idea is that you have a large file and you want to make an identical change to every instance of a particular group of notes.

For example, I have imported a midi file and I want to do this for every occurrence in the file:

Replace with:

(Bonus points if you can identify the song! Hint: it's from a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.)


  1. Select a range of notes/symbols.
  2. Go to Find/Replace. Select "Use selection for Find". A preview image appears in the dialogue box.
  3. Close the Find/Replace dialogue. Make changes to the selection. Select it again.
  4. Re-open the Find/Replace dialogue. Select "Use selection for Replace". A preview image appears.
  5. Click "Find Next". The score jumps ahead to the next instance of "Find" and it is selected in the background.
  6. Click "Replace". It is replaced.
  7. Click "Find Next".
  8. Click "Replace".
  9. Etc. You could also click "Replace All".

There could be a drop-down list of recently used selections for Find and a separate list for Replace.

This feature could possibly be implemented via a plugin.


This is quite a complex thing to do with sheet music - much harder than for text.

If you want this now your best bet is to save (a copy of) your score in the MSCX format and open it with a text editor and then do Find and Replace on the XML code. If you add "find me" as lyric or text marking near the section of interest in MuseScore that will help you find your place in the XML.

Always keep a backup copy when editing an MSCX file by hand in case you make a syntax error which corrupts the file and can't see how to fix it.

In another century I used NOTATOR on ATARI, and it will be possible to change WHAT you choose, WHERE you want, selection or measure or a time, or a complete stave, and change in WHAT you want, it was very, very useful. For exemple, all the stacato in 8 measures become marcatto, or with 2 eight notes, all along a piece, you want to write in swing, dotted eight note and 16 th , we ask all the second eight notes,, and , in the same work, you ask the eight note becomes 16th and also it moves on the 4th part of the time, it works, and after, you take the first eight note and you transform all, in dotted eight note. This fonction was called TRANSFORM

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