VirtuOrgan - A new pipe organ soundfont

• Feb 16, 2015 - 17:47

I would like to share with you my new customized pipe organ soundfont: VirtuOrgan.
It's available at google drive while I don't find a host to it.
Here is the link.…
And here is a composition demonstrating some of its possibilities:


OK - forgive me for the silly question, but how do you actually use it? I tried installing it into Musescore 2 and whilst some of the 'stops' work, quite a lot don't. e.g. SW Full 16'8'4'2' is very feint and only appears to be playing the 16'.

Any top tips?


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Excuse me:
Here is the new link to the soundfont:

This soundfont works better with Timidity. I always had some problems with the quality of organ soundfonts in qsynth. Some stops sound artificial or as if they were under the water. It seems the musescore has some similarities in the way it process audio so it's no surprise if it has some issues with organ soundfonts.

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