Strange Chords

• Feb 16, 2015 - 22:30

Can someone look at the attached score and tell me if I have something set up wrong. The 7,6,9,11 extensions on the chords have a small number. Just noticed it on this score. All others seem to be OK.

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I Only Have Eyes For You.mscz 30.03 KB


I get a "bad format" error trying to load that file. Are you seeing the same? I had to load the text file from within the archive to see what is happening with the chords. They all look fine as far as how they were entered. However, I see you are using the obsolete cchords_muse.xml file. Although it technically should still work, that could be part of your problem. Do you still perceive a problem if you switch to the 2.0 method, where you simply cick the "Jazz" option in Style / General / Chord Symbols?

Scratch that about the "bad format"; I think that was a side effect of a change made earlier today that introduced a bug that has already been fixed.

Loading your file, I see what you mean about the formatting. Offhand I'm not sure why. Was this file originally created in 1.3?

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No. I used a Nightly for 2.0 Beta 2 to create this score.
For the life of me, I don't know how the setting got changed.
I do remember loading a 1.3 score and loading the style from my Nightly to make some changes. Maybe I did something to make things go skew.
It seems to be the only score that turned out that way. All seems to be OK now. Thanks

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