Special Barlines not included in parts

• Mar 6, 2010 - 04:13
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Special barlines are only in first part when created


Could you explain what you mean by "special barlines"? What version, what steps should I follow to reproduce the bug? See [[nodetitle:How to report bug or ask for support]]

Oh. sorry, by special barlines i mean any barlines that are not just normal ones (ie. double, repeats...etc) using the 0.9.6 BETA 2

1. Create a new score with 2 or more instruments
2. Drag the barline so that the barlines cover all the staffs
3. Put a double barline somewhere on the staffs
4. Create parts for all the staffs
Only the first part (one at the top on the score) has the double barline all the others just have a normal baline in that spot

Sorry for not including this to begin with :)

Status (old) fixed active

It works for repeat bars and end bars but does not work with double bars or dashed bars. (Tested using r. 2849 nightly, Windows 7)

I used the steps outlined above by maestro_hanson.

It looks like they work after a save and reload.

The bug is present if you add a double bar line and create parts before a save and reload.

Status (old) closed active

Reopening this one as it is still there in MuseScore 1.1 (r4611) on WinXP when creating individual parts from the following Mozart score: Quartet No. 5 in F Major (K 158)

Look for the double bar in the 3rd movement, where the key signature goes from F major (1 flat) to F minor (4 flats) between measures 239 and 240. It disappears in certain parts.

On a side note, does it matter to MuseScore on which staff of a system you initially drop the double bar? In other words, is a bar line a staff or a system property?