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• Feb 25, 2015 - 16:49

The piece is in the key of G Minor. I change the key to Eb Major, but on the next line it changes back to G Minor. When I drag the Eb Major key signature to that line, it creates another key change with a double barline, even though the key did not change. Any help would be appreciated.

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It always help if you say which version of MuseScore - or in the case of one of the experimental beta/night prelease builds of 2.0, which specific build (see Help / About). Looks like this was one of the latter.

Anyhow, I assume you are talking about measure 21. It looks like you must have earlier added an explicit G minor key signature there, perhaps accidentally, even thugh there was not yet a key change there. Or else you originally created this score with an older incompatible build. more info on that would help. Meanwhile, though, just delete the spurious key sig - and then do the same for the ones on the next systems, which seem to have the same issue.

If you created this score from scratch in a current build (eg, a nightly from within the past couple of weeks), it would definitely help if you share any details about how you created it, with respect to the key signatures.

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I did create the score from scratch on 2.0 Beta 1. I actually had Eb major specified in measure fifteen and it changed to G Minor in measure 19. It did not have an explicit key change. Then when I replaced it with Eb Major, it added an explicit key change for Eb, even though Eb was already there. What was strange though was when I opened it again after reading your comment, it showed a G Minor explicit key change. I replaced that with Eb and everything was fine. It may have been just a glitch, but thank you for your help anyway.

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