I can't find a reported issue related to improper printing.

• Feb 25, 2015 - 20:36

I am now using fa50560.

Some time ago I reported that the right hand side was being cut off when I printed. I forget just who of the developers supported my report and then filed the issue and I can't figure out how to find it in the issues.

In a nutshell, this is the problem and what trouble it is causing me:

1. Import a score written in 1.3 or load a new score.
2. Print it.
3. result - the printer switches to manual tray and issues a warning.
4. The right hand part of the page is cut off, removing at least the bar lines including double bars.
5. The only way I can fix this is to go to >layout >page settings.
6. There I find that the setup is "two sided" and so needs be manual. This is the default MS setting.
7. Additionally, since it is double sided, it is also left page and right page.
8. If I change the odd page by increasing the margin on the right side, it concomitantly changes the even pages in reverse. This does not sole page 2 problems.
9. So, I uncheck two sided and have a single page that I can manipulate properly and I can then print properly.
10. HOWEVER this has to then be set up and saved with EVERY PART. I cannot find a global setting. This is a LOT of extra work. If there was a way to set this globally, I would be happy, but as it is MS always reverts to the 2 sided default.

As I say this was files as an issue. I don't know if others are having this problem, but it is a time and effort sink hole for me.

This is NOT a printer problem - I have all the latest drivers and everything is set properly there. My printer is a Brother HL-22.

I would really appreciate it if this was addressed. As MS is a notation program, it should print properly. :)

(It is set to letter size, properly).


Hmm, the issue talks off things being offset by 4mm. Unless you have set up your score with no margins at all, that shouldn't result in things being cut off - just off center. Are we talking about the same thing?

Apparently whatever the problem is, only affects a very small number of users, and as far as I can tell, no developer is able to reproduce. I do have a Windows machine but it prints fine, or did last time I tried. This weekend I should have time to investigate this and see if I can find way to reproduce. The more details you can provide on your system configuration, the better.

The latest builds have the margins set to 10mm on both sides in countries that use Letter sized - I think Canada is among them? Apparently this doesn't in itself fix the problem, but might lessen the severity?

As for setting defaults, if you have a favorite page layout, you could save it as a template and create future scores from that.

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He says 4mm, for me it was about 5.5, so close enough. I did see some right-edge cutoff on prints from my home printer.

My system thinks it's US (region is US, keyboard is US English), but still prints offset. I use Windows 8.1u1 and Windows 10.

The _only_ thing I've not tried is use the nightly build download rather than using my custom build. I can try that tomorrow. If that doesn't solve it, I'm at a loss!

Good news, I believe I have identified the issue and have a potential fix.

From what I can tell, the issue is not inherently Windows-specific, or specific to Letter paper size, but could theoretically happen on any system. It seems that putting the printer into "full page" mode is not sufficient to get it to agree to turn over full control of margins to us - we need to also set the printer margins to zero. If we don't do that, results are apparently undefined, but in practice, it seems to basically work OK except on Windows. There is actually a very small offset even on my Linux system, though.

Anyhow, before I push my potential fix, I would still like to hear from more people about whether they do or don't experience any problems with printing beting shifted to the right on their systems - just using your default printer & page settings.

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