Combining Voices

• Feb 26, 2015 - 19:07

I have a piece which is set out as a 4-part song TTBB, For practice, it would be useful to have a piano support the parts. Is it possible to combine the 4 parts onto 2 staves for the piano?

I can get the first tenor and baritone parts ok simply by copy/paste but can't work out how to add the second tenor to the treble stave and the bass part to the bass stave. They will both be the second voice on the relevant stave.


Yes, doing this in two voices per staff is straightforward. First, select all on the "lower" parts (the ones you want on the bottom of each staff) and Edit / Voices / Exchange Voice 1-2. Now copy the "upper" parts onto the "lower". Then you can remove or hide the "upper" parts.

Doing this with everything in a single voice can be done with Edit / Tools / Implode in 2.0 builds, but it won't be foolproof - only makes sense if the parts are substantially similar rhythmically.

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