Assigning a new note head to a note

• Mar 3, 2015 - 15:26

I'd like to write something like

note.headGroup = HEAD_FA;

but despite the "note" documentation saying that headGroup is a Ms::NoteHead::Group with a list of possible values that includes "HEAD_FA", this doesn't seem to work ("ReferenceeError: HEAD_FA is not defined"). I have to assume that HEAD_FA, HEAD_SOL, etc., are constants that are local to some class, but I cannot figure out how to name that class in my code. (I confess, I've never written in this language before.)

Can someone tell me what I should be writing to change a note-head in this rather simple way?


Well, in the soruce to MuseScore itself, those are NoteHead::Group::HEAD_FA, etc. So Hopefully some syntax like that will work in plugins (I haven't experimented with the 2.0 plugin framework yet, so I don't really know).

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I've tried a bunch of those. It turns out that the moment I put a "::" in there, I get a parsing error (Line 92: expected token ';'). I also tried

note.headGroup = NoteHead.Group.HEAD_FA;

in hopes that maybe dot syntax would help...but got

92:-1: ReferenceError: NoteHead is not defined

and with

note.headGroup = Ms.NoteHead.Group.HEAD_FA;

I got

92:-1: ReferenceError: Ms is not defined

So I clearly need more help. I even tried assigning it random small integer constants (which works in C++, for instance)
note.headGroup = 4;

but that gave

92:-1: Error: Cannot assign int to Ms::NoteHead::Group

I clearly need more expert help here. :(

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Alas, no. It might help an expert in Qt and Ms, but to me, it's mostly gibberish. It appears that something needs to register some class as visible from qml, and that I then need to use the right "dotted path" to get to and enum in that now-registered thing. But the documentation for MS doesn't really disclose whether this "exposure" has been done, or what dotted path I'd use, and if it turns out that to effectively use scripting, I have to read the MS source, then I'm gonna give up and stick with 1.3 instead.

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Thanks. I tried that one before, but just in case, I tried it again:

note.headGroup = NoteHead.HEAD_XCIRCLE;


95:-1: ReferenceError: NoteHead is not defined

Perhaps I'm failing to include some ".h" file (or the equivalent). I just started from colornotes and began editing.

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You need a more recent version of MuseScore. I just added some code to make this work.
Also I'm not sure you need access to NoteHead.HEAD_XCIRCLE to make it work.
Something like this in the current master branch. I don't have a UI for it, but if anyone wants to try to make a QML version of the UI, please make a PR here

function shapeNotes(note) {
var tpcNames = "FCGDAEB"
var name = tpcNames[(note.tpc + 1) % 7]

var names = "CDEFGAB"
var curKey = curScore.keysig;
var scale = scales[curKey+7];

var degrees =[9, 12, 10, 9, 12, 10, 4]; // 4 notes
//var degrees = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0];
//var degrees = [7, 8, 4, 9, 12, 10, 11]; // 7 notes

note.headGroup = degrees[(names.indexOf(name) - names.indexOf(scale) +28)%7];

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That's the very code I was planning to port, which I'm pretty sure I can do...but I wanted to start out easy by assigning a single note head shape to every note so that I could be sure it worked. It didn't. :(

Mimicking the code above OUGHT to work..but assigning an integer to a headGroup (as you do in the last line) generates an error (as well it might, in any reasonable language).

What I DON'T know is how to get a more recent version of MS ... I downloaded this one just yesterday. Do I need to use Github and compile it myself, etc? Or is there some easy way to get the results of your latest build?

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I've taken this, combined it with colornotes, and created a nice working shapenotes plugin (for the 4-note system; I could make another for the 7-note system, I'm sure. But I cannot make a UI with the current framework, and don't want to try).

I'd be happy to have someone who understands GitHub and other such things include it into the distribution. I've attached it here in case no one wants to do the inclusion, but someone else wants to use it someday. (You just drop it in the plugins folder.)

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