Exporting to Pdf.

• Mar 3, 2015 - 18:53

This my be petty but may cause frustration. If you have a score where you've exported to a Pdf. and the Pdf. is open, when you make a change to the score and export it to Pdf. it won't save it. You must close the open Pdf. in order to export the new Pdf. Perhaps a dialog box but stating: "Pdf. is open, must be closed to export". would be handy.


Strangely, I don't have this problem on my Mac. With the PDF open (it doesn't matter in what application), MuseScore still overwrites it with no trouble. Possibly this is something to do with the operating system itself?

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No, because it doesn't matter whether the PDF is open in Preview, Gimp, Chromium or what have you—the file gets overwritten. It may make a difference as to whether the PDF reader immediately becomes aware that its file has been overwritten, but the new PDF from MuseScore gets saved no matter what.

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