Keyboard playback extending for longer than necessary

• Mar 16, 2010 - 04:11

If I open the "bach-bc2" demo using the latest nightly (r. 2888) and press all the keys on the keyboard in quick succession it plays each note for 300ms and it takes playback several second to catch up with the key presses. When I create a new score there are no delays in playback for multiple key presses in quick succession.

I was just wondering if anyone understood why MIDI keyboard playback for the "bach-bc2" demo behaves differently from other scores. I case it makes a difference, I am using Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard with LoopBe1 on Windows 7.


I don't know why but it's related to the score size. If you remove all the measure except the first page you don't have this behavior anymore.

The current implementation does a relayout after every keypress. This is slow for big scores. It could be optimized and maybe i will do this for the next release.

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