Getting Started score—revised version

• Mar 13, 2015 - 22:06

This started out as a mission to fix some capitalization and punctuation issues. Then I realized that part of the instructions actually wouldn't work right, and spent some time trying to rewrite them with the missing information. Then I deleted the whole line and replaced it with something else. I think this really is much better. Revision is attached.

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It's not so clear what each piece of text is referring to—see especially the third and fifth lines. Also, I thought of something else that really ought to be mentioned in there: "Press the Escape key to leave note input mode." Otherwise I can easily imagine frustration occurring.

It's here at last! Many long hours have I worked on it. This is the ultimate Getting Started score. This is the ultimate one-page introduction to note entry. Everything I could think of that made sense is covered in easy-to-follow, customized-style text. The instructions are easy and informative—just what a new user of MuseScore needs when they open the application for the first time.

Why am I going on like I'm a commercial? Just download it and check it out! I think you'll be impressed.

(Note that I put "MuseScore Team" in the composer text box. I don't feel that I should give credit to myself, especially considering that other people came up with the initial idea. If anybody has strong feelings about changing that, though—I don't know what to—we can do that. Otherwise, this is ready to go for the next release of MuseScore. I have a feeling it will be part of the package for a long time to come.)

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Very nice instructional score.
It fits a lot of info. onto only one page, and the instruction: 'Can't see? Zoom in with the shortcut Ctrl + (Mac: Cmd +).' is nicely positioned at the very top in a larger font size, so it's readable when first opening the score.
(That's actually the first thing I did.)

One error I came across is in #7. After all the 16th notes are entered in measure 25, the slur must be added. The instructions state: 'select all eight notes, and press S to slur them.'
It should read: 'select all 16th notes, and press S to slur them.'


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It means "select all eight of those notes." But thank you very much for the comments. I'd like to see this included with the next release of MuseScore, and I'm hoping that it will be helpful to a lot of people.

I'm curious: did I actually introduce you to the "Zoom in" shortcut, or is that simply the first thing you usually do anyway?

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... I thought 'eight' was a typo!
I use Zoom a lot - especially when trying to select amongst colliding/overlapping score elements.
I was just remarking that the zoom instruction is easily read and almost 'jumps out at you' which is good because if one needs the remaining text larger, the Zoom instruction is the first thing (s)he reads.


It looks great -- much clearer and easier than the 1.x Getting Started score. Thank you!

One piece of the instructions to refine: in example 6 (measure 21), following the instructions creates notes an octave higher than the example (because the higher D is closer to the preceding A than the lower D is?) -- or am I missing something?


Example 7 introduces Ctrl-Down, but it could be taught in this example as well.

(And typos in Ex. 7: "stacatto(s)" should be "staccato(s)".)

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Well spotted, and thank you very much for reporting it! (By the way, welcome to the community!) Yes, you have identified the reason exactly right—the note is placed at whichever octave is closest to the last-entered note. My mistake. I've just corrected it to something that works:

And thank you for the typo correction, as well. ;-) I really appreciate your taking the time to point it out.

@Thomas, it's not critical, but you might want to replace the score with the corrected version in future builds.

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You can proceed, or propose but consider: There is not much place on the page (you can download it from;
The information is general, currently the software can, via F1 take you to the manual to learn more.

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